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Paradise, a player home that is a magical floating island above the Lady Stone. It has most of the crafting benches and the "interior" has an alchemy garden with one of each ore, bedroom, room full of displays, mannequins, and a shrine room.

Permissions and credits
Please save the game before updating my mod.

If anything disappears just reload the save before updating and nothing should be affected.

If you are having trouble with any doors please let me know.

This is my first mod.

If there are any bugs or issues let me know.

Also Leave me suggestions on how to improve my player home. Feedback would be appreciated.

Please look at the forum tab or posts tab for comments/what I'm working on 

A floating island named Paradise over the Lady Stone.

  • Floating island has cooker, Forge, tanning rack, bar, custom smeltery, and a teleporter
  • Floating platform chained to the floating island has a 3 mannequins, alchemy table, enchanting table, storage, custom staff enchanter, enchanted chest (chest that links to other enchanted chests), and a black book that takes you to storage room
  • Hub area contains your shared room, shrine room, garden, and hall of vanity
  • Hall of vanity (Room full of display cases, mannequins, weapon racks, and bard)
  • Shared room has small storage, dining area, 3 beds and an enchanted chest (resting markers for companions/others)
  • Shrine room has all of the shrines including the 3 special ones.
  • Garden area has all ores, geode node, planters for 3 of every type of alchemy plant, alchemy bench, storage and enchanted chest .

Enchanted chest is a chest shared between each room if you want to lighten the load and move stuff around later.

Added a quest for paradise.
The quest is "hard" for low level players.

Spoilers for the Paradise quest (look here if you can't find it.)

1.2.1 out!

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