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This Mod brings back the whole system around Attributes, Classes, Birthsigns and more from the Games Morrowind and Oblivion.
Sadly I do not have the knowledge for making shockwave files, so every Menu is in the Creation Engines Message box.

Permissions and credits

This mod changes the Progress System from Skyrim to the system of the last Elder Scrolls games.
It will reintroduce all Systems that are essential for Leveling with Attributes, Classes, and Birthsigns.

The Mod is currently in the Beta State, but it should be fully playable at this moment, see issues.

Current Features
  • Attributes:
  • "Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality and Luck" Every Attribute has it's own use, for example, increasing your Strength will increase your damage output against other Creatures/NPC's.
  • The 21 Classes:
  • There are 21 predefined classes available. If there is no class for you, you can simply create your own class.
  • Levelling:
  • Levelling is Controlled by your Major Skills. If you gained 10 Increasments for your Major skills you will get a message telling you to find a bed to sleep. After Sleeping the Level up will be triggered and you will get 3 Skill Points. Which you can use to increase your Attributes. There is also a Maximum Level, it will be defined by the Skill levels you start with. By Pressing the "F1" Hotkey (Keybindings can be configured in the MCM Menu) you will open up the Character Menu, here you will see your Attributes, your Level Progress, and more.
  • The 13 Birthsigns:
  • Every Birthsigns has it's own advantages. For Example, you have the Birthsign "The Atronach". It will give you 150 Points more Magicka and a Magic Absorption. But steals all of your Magicka Regeneration.
  • Doomstones:
  • Now they will give you one or two Powers. But can only be acquired between 6 pm and 6 am.
  • Races:
  • Every Race now has its own Race Ability, Powers, and Resistances.
  • Perks:
  • You will only gain Perks by increasing your Skill Levels. Every 25 Skill Levels, you will get one Perk for the skill you have increased. In order to know what you have gained, you will get a message, telling you what you have gained. (At the moment you will still get Perk Points, I will keep them for a system I want to implement in the Future. Take a look at the Planned Features for that)
  • Containers:
  • Like Containers from Morrowind, you will now have a Storage Limit. You can no longer Store your whole house in one Chest.
  • Alchemy:
  • Alchemy now works like in the older games, but you can still use the Alchemy Tables from Skyrim. In Order to use Alchemy, you will need at least one Mortar. After Activating any Alchemy Tool in your Inventory, a Menu will show up. Here you need to select your Tools. After you selected them, you can start brewing. For better results, you should use all 4 alchemy tools. (Mortar, Alembic, Retort and Calcinator) Using the Alchemy Station will not give you any Advantages.
  • Crafting:
  • I changed it completely, it is now more like the one from "The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)". You will now need to find Blueprints, you can find them in all places of Skyrim. Some can only be found in various locations, for example, The Draugr Blueprint can only be found in Nordic Ruins. After getting a Blueprint, you can not use it directly. You will need to buy a "Blueprint Collection" from any General Goods Merchant, it is a book, which needs to be activated in your inventory. After that a Container will open up, here you can drop in your Blueprints. After putting the Blueprints into the Book, you can craft the items from them. I also adapted the Recipes, I tried to make them a little bit harder to craft.
  • Crafting Table:
  • Here you can craft everything that does not require any Metal Parts.
  • Scrapping Bench:
  • Here you can break down items, you will get some Stuff back.
  • Open spells:
  • The good old Alternative to Lockpicks. You can find them in the world. For every Lock type, there is one Spell.
  • Katanas:
  • Thanks to lautasantenni who created his Katana Crafting mod. I can bring in Katanas, I combined them with the Loot and Crafting System.
  • Cloud Storage Chest:
  • I know, not really existed before, but I wanted to have them in this mod. In every town/city/player homes, there will be Chests. They all use the same inventory, this chest has a Maximum capacity of 500.
  • Harvesting:
  • I changed the number of ingredients you can get from Harvesting, so you are no longer stupid enough to Break the whole plant and just rescue one single Ingredient.
  • Alternate Start:
  • You will now wake up in a Sewer and you need to decide who you are. A Beggar, a Prisoner, or just a Traveler?
  • Horses:
  • By Pressing "H" on your keyboard (You can configure the keybindings in the MCM Menu) you can Rename your Horse, change the Saddles and access their inventories.
  • VR Compatibility:
  • This mod is compatible with the VR version of the Game.
  • Vampire:
  • I implemented a Vampire Overhaul, that works like the Vampire System from Oblivion.
  • Skills:
  • I am adding the Athletics skill. More should follow with the next Updates.
  • Fatigue:
  • I implemented the Systems from Morrowind and Oblivion, you can choose between them in the MCM Menu. With the Morrowind Fatigue, your Fatigue will drain while you are moving. With the Oblivion one, your Fatigue regeneration will be slower while running.

Planned Features
  • Skill Tree:
  • I want to make a Skill tree Like system, where you can choose Abilities, Powers, and Spells.
  • Spell Pack:
  • I want to reintroduce the Spells from Oblivion, they will replace the standard Skyrim spells.
  • Translation:
  • In the Future this will get a German Translation, at the moment I am changing many things here, so I have no possibility to work on that.
  • Alternate Start:
  • I will make it Optional in the next Update, but I try to keep work on more Options.
  • Patches:
  • If anything needs a Patch, I will try to make it.

I would recommend installing this mod with a Mod Manager that can Handle FOMOD files. (e.g. MO2)
Just put it in your Load order.
Or you will use LOOT. (Which is the way I recommend)

Obviously you need to start a new game for it.

For Compatibility and Patches look under Compatibility

But it is not compatible with every mod that changes Crafting Recipes, Doomstones, The Game Start, Many Leveled Lists/Containers are touched (but for that you can use Wrye Bash or do it manually)
as well as the Actor Values – Fame, Infamy, FavorActive, FavorPointsBonus, FavorsPerDay, FavorsPerDayTimer, LastBribedIntinidated, LastFlattered and BypassVendorStolenCheck -

If you find issues, please report them to me, I try my best to solve them.
Feel free to use the Bug tab for this action, so I can find them better.
Also if you find any bad translations, tell it to me too.

Known Problems
  • Using the Legendary Skill System may Break the Attributes or the Level system itself. (The System is Deactivated in my mod if you try it anyway, it is possible that your Game will Crash)