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Jzargo is now a capable and potent follower.

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Converted to Skyrim SE with SSE CK v1.1.50.0.

J'zargo is a Khajiit sorcerer in the vanilla game found at the College of Winterhold, and can become a follower.

However, there are a number of issues with him as a follower. Like many NPCs, he will cast Sparks even when at high-level despite knowing higher-level spells. (This problem is due to the Disintegrate magic effect attached to shock spells.) His default "sorcerer" class makes him highly skilled at Illusion, but he will not cast any Illusion spells.

This mod changes his class, his combat style, spells and perks to make him a desirable follower. He is still a sorcerer-like class: favoring destruction, 1H and heavy armor, with restoration and alteration added. More importantly, it makes him worthy of his cockiness (hence the mod title). I did not alter his default armor or appearance (so no meshes or textures are in the mod file); after all, J'zargo is already very handsome, no?

I very much recommend the Robed Steel Plate Armor mods as a good armor choice. (See recommended mods below.)


  • Marked Essential. 
  • Removes all Shock spells to eliminate casting lower-level shock spells at high level.
  • Additional spells added.
  • Add custom auto-leveled Alteration flesh spell.
  • Levels with the player from 5 to -unlimited-.
  • Custom class (modified sorcerer): Destruction, 1H, Restoration, Alteration, Heavy Armor.
  • Custom combat style: tends to stay ranged, but is quite deadly with a good 1H weapon.
  • Perked in his particular skills.
  • Morality: Any crime (unchanged)

  • Destruction: Novice->Expert,Augmented Flame & Frost
  • 1H: Armsman40,Bladesman60,BoneBreaker60,HackandSlash60,FightingStance
  • Alteration: Novice->Adept
  • Restoration:Novice->Expert,Respite, Regeneration, Recovery50
  • Heavy Armor:Juggernaut40,WellFitted,TowerofStrength,Conditioning
  • Stealth: Lightfoot,Stealth40,MuffledMovement

  • Destruction: Flames,Firebolt,Incinerate,Frostbite,IceSpike,IceStorm,IcySpear,FrostCloak (J'zargo gave up on his FlameCloak attempts!)
  • Alteration: custom auto-level flesh spell (Oakflesh->Ebonyflesh),Paralyze,Magelight,Candlelight
  • Restoration:Healing,FastHealing,CloseWounds,HealOther, TurnUndead,Lesser/Steadfast/Greater Ward
  • Illusion: Fury (there by default, not used)
  • Conjuration: Soul Trap (there by default, not used)

Vanilla Skyrim. No DLCs required.

See "Latest Version" link above.

If you are starting a new game:
  • Download with NMM.
  • Activate in NMM.

For an existing game - IMPORTANT:
This is in case J'zargo's skills/stats are not appropriately changed just by loading the mod.

If not, use the method below.

  • Create a savegame.
  • Download mod with NMM.
  • Exit game and activate mod in NMM.
  • Load the savegame.
  • Open the console (tilde key) and click on J'zargo. You should see his Form ID number appear.
  • Type: disable (this will cause J'zargoto disappear - that's ok)
  • Type: enable
  • Type: setlevel 1000 0 5 100 (the "100" can be higher if needed - it indicates the max level cap for the NPC)
  • Exit the console (tilde key)
  • J'zargo should now reappear and his stats should be correct 

Dismiss the follower.
Deactivate in NMM.

Do not upload this mod elsewhere, but feel free to use anything in it for your own mod.

Load after any other mod which modifies J'zargo.
Uses only vanilla assets.

Mods used in screenshots
Note that I did not change J'zargo's default armor (i.e., his college robes). I used these mods just for the screenshots:

My Mods