Skyrim Special Edition
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A work in progression fixing important issues in Skyrim world space.

Permissions and credits

Update: changed the name of the mod to Skyrim Worldspace Fixes (WIP)
This will be updated every-time I find an important fix.
This mod fixe three landscape holes near Snow Veil Sanctum ruin in the road leading to Winterhold and other Worldspace issues (see changelog). It was uploaded to tesnexus as mod backup (in case hard disk format or loss of files).
See screenshot and gif animations included in this page for more detail about the mod.

How to get there?

Use the console command
player.moveto 00107c53

Tools used:

- Skyrim Creation (with SSE Fixes)
- for screenshots edition
- Online Gif maker site

Version 1.1

Added some fixes to some interior items in  Snow Veil Sanctum ruin.

Version 1.2

Added Lost Valley Redoubt DirtCliff fix .

Version 1.3

Added Temple of Miraak Exterior fixes (three holes) .

Version 1.4a

Added High Gate Ruins Draugr Ambush fix .
Added a fix for a missile forsworn patrol in Dead Crone Rock.

Version 1.5b

Added a huge amount of fixes for Forsaken Cave
Added a fix in High Gate Ruins exterior
(can't believe Bethesda released the game with all this mess)
Merged all plugins.
Fixed Falmer patrol idles and Dwarven trigger Ambushes in Alftand02.
Added an optional plugin: Sinderion Dwarven Sphere Overhaul.

Version 1.6

Added Blackreach fixes (interiors and exteriors).

Version 1.7

Added Valthume02_Fixes
Added HobsFallCave_Fixes with special overhaul of the cave entrance and Isabelle Rolaine (you will never find her naked)
Added WinterholdWorld_Exterior_Fixes2 which include a lot of exterior gap fixes:
POISnowy23 <27,15>, MountainTrim03 <28,16>, MountainTrimSlab <34,12>, RockL03Snow <29,14>

Version 1.8

Integrated HobsFallCave_Fixes v1.2 in the main plugin.

Version 1.85

- Minor fixes in Hobs Fall Cave:
  A vanilla skeleton was linked to FXSmokeWispsLgVol01 while it should be linked to a patrolidle marker.
- Fixed two big gaps:
 Glacier near REF 00081D0A <15,23>
 Mountain near Azura Shrine REF 0005BA20 <27,16>
- Other gaps and landscape adjustements:
0008FC13 (rock), cliff bottom near tree 00061EB4, gap top snow landscape <18,21>
bottom glacier <21,25>, top snow landscape <30,27>, small adjustement near Talos statue in Winterhold.

Version 1.90

- Overhaul of our old fixes in mountain west Snow Veil Santum exterior, plus a new gap added in the same location.
 Some mods (USKP?) may have their own fixes. Disable their edits in location 33,15. We have fixed the gaps as Bethesda should have done it.
- Fixed two huge gaps in two mountains:
 Mountain top Gloombound Mine
 Mountain east Lost tongue Overlook.
- Other fixes: rock 0001dcbd <22,29>, Glacier fixes <39,32> near 000ff328,
  MountainTrim02_HeavySN 00097031 position high top mountain south-west Windhelm <40,2>

Version 2.00a

- Removed all landscape edits and replaced them with smarter solutions. This concern cells
<15,25>, <16,23>, <21,25>, <22,27>, <19,23>, <30,26>, <28,17>, <27,16>, <-29,23>, <33,15>
While doing this we discovered other important fixes, especially a large descaled MountainTrim03_HeavySN near Azura Shrine.
- Integrated Cragslane Cavern Fixes
- Integrated Freeform Clearing Mines Fixes v1-0 fully in "default version"
  while "Compatible version" contains only minor fixes from it.
 - Fixed holes around Ironback Hideout: one big at the top of nearby mountain and the other in the cliff left side . Thanks Tower01 for pointing me about this.
  Also added 3 others fixes in the same region, one near the back dungeon of Thalmor embassy.
 - Fixed patrolidle of the missile forsworn in Fort Sungard Courtyard.

Minor update v2.00a
Concern only compatible plugin which was cleaned from a few remaining records from default plugin in KolskeggrMineExterior.

Version 2.10

Integrated the following patches:
- New patch 24-03-20
- Greywater_Grotto_Fixes 1.0
- Solitude Exteriors Fixes 1.1
- Gap_Mountain_Left_Solitude_Single_Fix (only default version)
- MarkarthWorld_Fixes 1.1 with MarkarthWorld generated LOD
 (you can use your own LOD mods or generate your own with xLODGen)
- Updated Winterhold Landscape Fixes 1.1 in the mod (only default version).

Version 3.00

Integrated the following patches:
- Irkngthand02_DweRubblePile04_Fix
- Cliff02Rocks01SnowLight_-32_29_Fix
- DawnstarTheWhiteHall_WallLeanMarker_Fix
- DLC2SolstheimWorld_MountainTrimSlab_7-14_Fix
- DLC01FalmerValley_Fixes
- DLC1GlacialCrevice01_CaveIHall1Way02_Fix
- DLC01FalmerValley_SnowDriftM01_Fix
- DLC1DarkfallCave01_Main_Area_Ground_Fixes
- MountainCliff02_44_-21_Fixes
- MountainCliffSlopeFallForestGrass01_44_-21_Fixes
- DLC1DarkfallCave01_CaveGEBalconyCurve04_Fix
- DLC1zFalmerValley03_Ambush_Fixes
- DLC1DarkfallCave01_CaveGRockPileS02_Fix
- BlackreachWeatherTest2-3_Fixes
- MountainTrimSlab_43_-21_Fix
- RockCliff06Snow_PinefrostTowerExterior04_Fix
- DLC1ForebearsHoldoutOrigin_CaveGDirtMound03_Fix
- DLC1DimHollowCrypt01_CaveGDirtMound06_Fix
- RockPileS02CoastBeach01_17-26_Fix
- SnowDriftM01_25-6_Fix
- Yngvild02_Encounter_Zone_Fix
- MountainTrim01CoastBeach01_33-26_Fix
- Ansilvund01_MineCDirtMound03_Fix
- RockL01Snow_22-5_Fix
- SkuldafnWorld_MountainTrim01_Fix
- SnowDriftL02_28_21_Fix
- Pinewatch01_Patroldle_Fix
Fully optimized compatibilty with USSEP and "Landscape and Water Fixes" with minimal records edited.
Note that the latest mod edited some old fixes we have done. You get here our version of everything.

Version 3.01

- Fixed a SSEdit "Navigation Mesh Info Map" warning message. 
- Added a fix for the book Sacred Witness in Dawnstar Sanctuary (vanilla issue).

Version 3.10

Integrated the following patches:
- DarkBrotherhood_CaveGFloor01_Fix
- MountainTrimSlab_HeavySN_20-15_Fix
- Ustengrav02_Fixes
- MountainTrim01_HeavySN_25-23_Fix
- TwilightSepulcher01_Ground_Fixes
- Irkngthand03_CaveGLPillar03_Fix
- DA16NightcallerTempleGuardsControl v1-0

Version 3.20

Integrated the following patches:
- Navmesh_Fix_Cell_-8_-8
- Navmesh_Fix_DLC2TempleofMiraakExterior04
These are fixes for notorious navmesh issues blocking followers in sensible game areas!
- RockCliff01ReachMoss01_KarthspireRedoubtExterior03_Fix
- MountainTrim_Reach_-30_-1_Fix (big gap in a mountain close to SkyHeaven)

Version 3.40

Integrated the following patches:
- DLC01FalmerValley_MoutainCorner_-2_2_Fix
- DLC01FalmerValley_SnowDriftL02_-6_2_Fix
- DLC1DarkfallPassage_CaveGLHall1Way03c_-38_16_Fix
- DLC1DarkfallPassage_CaveGRockPileS02_-39_17_Fix
- DLC1GlacialCrevice01_DLC1IcebergLedge01_Fixes
- MountainTrim01_LightSN_-5_-24_Fix (this is a small land gap near Ancestor Glade)
- RockCliff02FieldGrass01_-20_8_Fixes

Version 3.42

- Optimized mod records and improved compatibility with other mods.
Added two important fixes
- DeepwoodRedoubtStart_Fixes
- BleakFallsBarrowExterior_Fixes
Undo what USSEP has done there and fix things as it should be, plus other fixes in the same location.
- Added a string "leveled list" in all vanilla forwarded records so that SSEdit don't clean these records. You may get some warnings "null leveled lists" if you check with SSEdit but these edits are safe.

Do not clean the mod with SSEdit. Particularly, vanilla settings of the walkway near the cart of Solitude and vanilla settings of the the cages in Cragslane Cavern are intended by this mod.
For Smashed Patch users keep an eye on the record 0006885A (SolitudeExterior3, Road3way01) and remove it from Smashed Patch.esp if it is forwarded from the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
For Cragslane Cavern (CELL:000152A5 and CELL:0000BAE3), Smashed Patch dosent seems to forward these records.
For users of Realistic Water Two remove record 000092DD (Solitude dock sea seam fix) if it's forwarded in Smashed Patch.esp
(this last issue has no link with our mod)

- ArisGM