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The official port of Space Wiking's Dwemer Exoskeleton from LE (with express consent). Adds the Hyperion & Hyperion Master exoskeleton with jump-boost, Mountable Weapons (11), The Lost Technology Quest, a new dungeon, and bonus content (Steam Spell and The Centuria generator).

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From version SE1.0 this mod requires The Skyrim Script Extender for Skyrim Special Edition (SKSE64) 
SKSE64 Download:

UPDATED to Version 1.1  REMOVED UPDATE TEMPORARILY - Due to a new issue (being looked at)

- Fixed the conflicts with Update.esm, Dawnguard, and USSEP
- This version requires USEEP

A long time ago the Dwemer invented the automatons, fearless machines protecting the Dwemer cities, but they constructed one machine different from the automatons, a machine that requires a humanoid to work. They created Hyperion! The Hyperion exoskeleton grants the wearer more speed and strength.

VIDEO OF ME TESTING THE MOD IN SE WITH SKSE64 - NOTE: The Visual Effect Issue is Solved! 

The Quest: Lost Technology

You can start the Quest by reading the Hyperion History in the Dwemer Museum in Markarth, to finish it you must have access to the Blackreach. The new dungeon is hard so be prepared, but the bonus content might help.
Tip: To enter a "special" part of the dungeon alive use the Become Ethereal shout, or equip your exoskeleton and have faith ;)

What’s inside:

-Hyperion exoskeleton (Light & Heavy)
-Hyperion Master exoskeleton (Light & Heavy)
-11 Mountable Weapons (Magical, One & Two-Handed)
-The Lost Technology Quest
-New Dungeon with Skyrim records and Easter eggs :D
-Hyperion Regulator
-Bonus: Steam spell
-Bonus: Centuria Generator (Staff conjuring Centurions)
-Increased Jumps

The exoskeleton can be worn together with other armors or clothes. The exoskeleton raises the speed of the wearer, increases his carry weight and his stamina, but lowers his magic resistance and sneak ability. It's built from different Dwemer artifacts and uses steam special effects. The exoskeleton is improvable and smithable under the dwarven section. The Hyperion Master increases the weapon skills as well but decreases health. The increased heat of the overheated version causes 1 point damage to health when running and 5 points when sprinting.
After smithing the Dwemer Hyperion Regulator you can adjust the equipped Hyperion exoskeleton by clicking on the regulator. The regulator allows you to set up the exoskeletons, you can change the strength of the enchantments and the jump boost with six presets, you can change the weight, turn on and off the sound and visual effects. It allows you to set the smithing option for the mountable weapon to one or two-handed versions. To smith the weapons you need to have the Mountable Weapons book in your inventory.

Mountable Weapons:
-Energy Inductor
-Acid Sprayer
-Crossbow (No Dawnguard needed)

For more details see the "Readme"...

Thank you to Space Wiking for allowing me to port this mod!
Here is a link to the original mod page, and I highly recommend you check it out!

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