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Make some creatures to better one.

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This is just my personal enhanced solstheim creatures to better one. LOT better XD. Especially for Werebear i made some custom detailed normal map and diffuse here. We need to feel that fur. Well better you look my screenshoots to get idea what creatures. For ash guardian i think no need because we already have great ash guardian retextures on nexus. 

Bonus Chaurus and Hulkingdraughr ( solstheim ) but i don't have time make screenshoots in game so i just put nifskope image in gallery. This mod include Adjusted meshes so make sure don't overwrite it. You won't get same result without adjusted meshes.

The rest like lurker and riekling on my gallery. All textures made from SSE base textures.

NOTE : I forgot remove skeleton.nif file from my folder. No problem unless you using custom skeleton like mod from rougeshot for creatures. Incase you using that mod, don't overwrite that skeleton or you can delete skeleton.nif from my mod. If you just using vanilla as usual then my mod no problem at all because my skeleton.nif file totally from Skyrim SE default.

Credit to Bethesda.