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One of Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition's most popular alchemy mods! This is an immersive in-game reference book, listing all Skyrim ingredients and their 4 effects. No more blind experimenting and wasting expensive ingredients on failed potions. Now you can look up the ingredient in your reference book in you inventory like a real student

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The Alchemist's Compendium
One of Skyrim's Most Popular Alchemy Mods!
Very special thanks to the original creator RGMage2 for letting me port this mod to Skyrim Special Edition! The original mod is here.

What is this?
This is an immersive in-game reference book, listing all Skyrim ingredients and their 4 effects. The Alchemist’s Compendium is something I’ve wanted since the very first time I played Skyrim. I have always liked the idea of playing a character who would rely heavily on alchemy, but I find Skyrim’s method of advancing in alchemy to be a real pain, e.g. eating all the ingredients and blind experimenting, and wasting valuable ingredients… that’s just not the way I wanted to play this game.

I have the Official Game Guide for Skyrim with 656 pages, and I’ve had that from the beginning. So obviously I could have looked up the ingredients and effects at any time I wanted, but that was a total immersion killer so for me it just wasn’t an option. What I like about having an in-game reference book is that it feels right, like it belongs in the game, like it should have been there all the time. If I want to get into character I can also use it when I’m picking up ingredients. I can see what they do and decide if they are going to be useful for the types of potions I want my character to be making, so it’s not just about leveling up, but also about roll playing the character.

The book lists 2 ingredients per page, with a small picture of each ingredient and lists all 4 effects, 56 pages in total, and includes info on all the DLC ingredients as well, Positive effects are in green and negative effects are in red.




Where do I get the book? 
There is one copy of the book in game at the Alchemist’s Shack south of Ivarstead. (Click on the pictures to make them bigger)


Will this work with the DLC’s? 
Yes it will, but you do not need the DLC’s to use this mod. It will work with or without DLC’s, makes no difference.

Bug Reports? 

If you experience any bugs with this new version, please leave a comment in the comment section, and I will get back to you shortly.

Known issues? 
I get a slight delay in the book opening in inventory. I think this is probably because of the high number of pictures in the book.


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