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Stupid vampires killed your favorite blacksmith again? Not anymore...

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Since "Timing is Everything" is currently not available for the SSE (and probably won't be for quite some time), I dusted off this one and converted it for the SSE. No further changes. It is the same as the "v2.0" for Skyrim.

No Random Vampire Attacks for Dawnguard

This is a quick fix for the annoying vampire attacks killing the townspeople in the Dawnguard DLC.

The mod will add an amulet called "Ancient Vampire Repellent". As long as you wear this amulet, the timer for the next vampire attack will continuously set to the far future. When you take the amulet off, the timer is set as if a vampire attack just happened.

It will also disable the "Traveler"s and the wilderness attacks while wearing the amulet.
(The "Traveling Bard"/merchant/etc. and the "Advisor" for the Dawnguard misc. quests are NOT affected by this. The quests work fine. If some of these quests suddenly auto-advance, your target was already killed by NPCs/Dragons/monsters/etc.)

I also changed "ScoutPatrolChance" in hope to minimize the Vampire Assassins or Dawnguard Patrols at random encounter spawnpoints once you started the questline, but there seems to be no reliable effect.

But as long as you don't start the Dawnguard questline, you should be safe. The only exception may be some fake Vigilants who turn out to be Vampires when you get too close. This seems to be a random encounter.

Scripted attacks during the Dawnguard Questline are not disabled.

You can find the amulet in the Catacombs of The Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. It lies on the table besides the Amulet of Arkay that you have to retrieve for the priest. Those who start a new game and don't want to visit Whiterun right away can get the amulet from the first (or third) body one loots in the game: Gunjar, the dead Stormcloak in Helgen Keep.

The amulet uses no slots. So you can't see it on your character and you can wear other amulets. It should respawn.

As a bonus, there is now a second amulet in the catacombs. It does the same thing to the Dragons. Quest scripted and static Dragons (external word walls) are still there, but no more random raids at the villages.

The amulets are not quest breaking. You can play the complete main quests of Skyrim and Dawnguard while wearing them. (But you may get short on dragon souls...)


Copy DG-NoAttacks.esp and DG-NoAttacks.bsa to the Skyrim\Data folder and activate the mod. (Or use your favorite mod manager.)


Deactivate the mod and delete


Conflicts with other mods:

This should only conflict with mods that change the timers for the Dawnguard vampire attacks, like "Timing is Everything".

Uploading of this file to is not allowed.
(Because they annoyed the hell out of me by forcing me to create an account and install their stupid launcher just to get the CK.)