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Patches for Authentic Legion. Restoring USSEP fixes and optionally WACCF's keywords (where they still make sense).

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These patches forward USSEP's fixes, while retaining Authentic Legion's changes. The main version of the patch also restores WACCF's keywords.

Super simple keyword forwarding, and some NPC fixes forwarded from USSEP, all done in SSEEdit. Nothing fancy. The keywords were only forwarded where it still made sense. All value, weight, and other tweaks are left as Authentic Legion has changed them. NPC's inventories are as Authentic Legion intended. There's an optional version of the patch with only the necessary USSEP fixes. They're both ESPs flagged as ESLs, so they won't count toward your plugin limit.


Place the ESP you use into your data folder or use the mod manager of your choice.

Suggestion on load order:
  1. Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
  2. DIS_Authentic_Legion.esp
  3. [whichever patch you use]


Delete the ESP from your data folder or disable in your mod manager. Safe to uninstall at any time.