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Fill Skyrim's dull night sky with a high contrast nebula that will turn the starry void into a spectacular view.

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Inside The Nebula
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I am not the original author of this mod. This mod is the work of the super cool Kriskos. Thanks to the OG Author for providing the necessary permissions freely on his mod page which allows me to bring this for Skyrim Special Edition. Even then, if the OG author finds this mod in violation of any of their terms, they have the right to BURN IT DOWN!
OG MOD: Inside The Nebula


Inside the Nebula replaces black void of the Skyrim's night with a unique fully panoramic nebula.

More specifically, this mod adds a skybox to the night sky which allows full sky backgrounds to be applied.

Inside the Nebula is available in 3 versions: Forge, Original and Waterfal. Check images #2, #3 and #4 for Forge Nebula, Original Nebula and Waterfall Nebula look and feel.

Please be aware that the actual appearance of nebulae will vary depending on your ENB and other graphic mods configurations.

By default this mod removes skyrim's galaxy, but there's an option to restore it in the optional files section.

Also as an option, the mod features replacers for both moons.

Brightness, contrast and saturation of the nebula can all be modified inside the  enbseries.ini file (located in your game's folder).
Open it with any text editor (e.g. notepad), find the settings mentioned below and adjust them to your liking (higher values increase effect, lower decrease it -
typically in ranges of 0.5 to 2.0).

StarsIntensity=1.0 // changes brightness
StarsCurve=1.0 // changes contrast (and saturation)


- Skyrim Special Edition


- Install or Uninstall using any Mod Manager
(If you are installing one of the Optional Files to restore Skyrim's Galaxy and use it in combination with one of the Main Nebula files. make sure to choose the Optional File that corresponds to your Main File. Steps also annotated with each file download section).


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