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This mod changes the outfits of certain vanilla and Dawnguard NPCs to make more sense and boost your immersion in the story and world. Lightweight and fully lore-friendly!

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Immersive Faction & Character Attire
for Skyrim Special Edition

ICFA improves your immersion by tweaking the equipment of vanilla and Dawnguard characters to make more sense from a narrative, organizational and visual perspective. Factions will now feel more organized and cohesive: outfits are used to make the hierarchy of each faction more clear (for example, no more “there are four guildmasters?” for the Thieves Guild.) Every change this mod makes was evaluated for lore-friendliness and is made with story over aesthetics in mind, although many NPCs, in my opinion, look better with their new attire.

COMPATIBILITY: This mod doesn’t include new assets, scripts, face data or changes to quests, so it should be compatible with just about everything. The lower it is in your load order, the more likely it is that none of the changes will be overwritten (although that probably won’t happen in the first place, so no worries if you have to have it higher up in your load order; it shouldn’t make much of a difference.) ICFA is fully compatible with all texture and mesh replacers for clothing and armor (my screenshots use Rustic Clothing, Frankly HD and Book of Silence textures.)

INSTALLATION: Just install with Vortex or your preferred mod manager (or manually.) I’m 99% sure that this mod is safe to install or uninstall mid-playthrough, but since you can never predict the effects of changing your mods mid-game, I probably can’t do much to help you if you choose to do so and have issues.

Changes to NPCs include the following:

Thieves Guild

  • Mercer is now the only NPC to wear black Guildmaster armor (since he is, after all, the guildmaster.) He’s also been given a matching hood, which emphasizes his suspicious nature.
  • Brynjolf, Vex and Delvin have had their gear changed to sleeveless gray “elite” Thieves Guild armor. Brynjolf will still use his “disguise” starting outfit and Nightingale outfit when needed, and will equip and unequip his hood like normal.
  • All other Thieves Guild members now wear a set of brown Thieves Guild armor with two possible hood variants. This doesn’t include Guild allies who aren’t thieves, like Vekel and Dirge.
  • Karliah still wears her unique armor, but has had her atrocious hood removed.

College of Winterhold

  • Mirabelle, the Master Wizard of the College, now wears Master Robes instead of Apprentice Robes.
  • The three Master-level instructors now all wear Master robes for their respective schools of magic.
  • The three Expert-level instructors now all wear Expert robes for their respective schools of magic.
  • Non-instructor scholars like Nirya and Enthir have been standardized to wear Adept robes.
  • Brelyna now wears Novice robes like Onmund and J’zargo.
  • The ghosts of Savos Aren’s party in The Staff of Magnus now wear College student robes instead of generic hooded robes.
  • Court wizards now wear a unique hooded Expert Robes outfit. This change is also applied to a few other NPCs who use the Court Wizard outfit type.
  • Orthorn and the three corpses from the “Missing Apprentices” quest now wear Apprentice Robes.
  • The Caller and Falion now wear black hooded robes.
  • Ancano has been given a hood; Estormo’s hood has been removed.

Dark Brotherhood

  • Gabriella now wears Shrouded Armor instead of Shrouded Robes to better fit her combat style.
  • Because Penitus Oculatus agents during the events of Skyrim are supposed to be operating mostly undercover, generic agents will now be wearing a set of Studded Imperial armor. Lieutenants (including Gaius) will wear a full set of Heavy Imperial armor. Commander Maro will continue to wear the special Penitus Oculatus Armor set without a helm (the helm can still be found in the Penitus Oculatus outpost in Dragon Bridge.)


  • Aela the Huntress now wears Wolf Armor like the rest of the Circle. This won't impact her combat abilities (I recommend installing the Unofficial Patch if you want to fix Aela's light/heavy skills.) If you prefer her original Ancient Nordic armor, there is a patch available in the files section.
  • Skjor now wears gauntlets like the rest of the Circle.


  • Isran now wears an elaborate set of Dawnguard Heavy Armor and has been given a one-handed axe.
  • Senior members (Sorine, Celann and Florentius) now wear the silver Dawnguard Light Armor.
  • Other named Dawnguard NPCs now wear the red-bronze Dawnguard Light Armor.
  • These changes do not apply to generic Dawnguard enemies, who will still have randomly-selected Dawnguard armor and weapons. You will only encounter these enemies if you choose to join the Volkihar Clan. Vanik, the Forebears’ Holdout boss for the Volkihar path, now wears a variant of the full Dawnguard Heavy Armor set with a helmet.

Volkihar Vampires

  • Vingalmo and Orthjolf, the two chief advisors to Harkon, now wear black and red Vampire Armor.
  • High-ranking vampires in Harkon’s court (Garan, Fura and Feran) now wear black Vampire Armor.
  • Other named members of Harkon’s court now wear grey Vampire Armor.
  • These changes do not apply to generic Volkihar enemies, who will still have randomly-selected Vampire armor and weapons. You will only encounter these enemies if you choose to join the Dawnguard. Malkus, the Forebears’ Holdout boss for the Dawnguard path, now wears the black Vampire Armor set.

Other NPCs

  • Esbern now changes into a unique Blades Loremaster outfit (grey hoodless robes, Blades boots and Blades gauntlets) after the Blades have settled into Sky Haven Temple.
  • The ghost of Archmage Gauldur now wears Archmage robes instead of generic hooded robes.
  • Pelagius III now wears the High King’s attire instead of generic Fine Clothes.
  • Arch-Curate Vyrthur now wears an Ancient Falmer Crown.

I hope you enjoy this mod! More to come soon.