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Patches for True Death - A Vampire Slaying Mod SSE and race altering mods.

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True Death is a very underrated mod, in my opinion. I consider it essential for any playthrough. Make those anti-climatic vampire fights feel slightly better. If I'm gonna kill a vampire for one vampire dust and a few septims, I want it to look cool. Problem is that True Death edits race records to implement the script, making it immediately incompatible with most racial bonus changing mods. Well, that's where xEdit and 5 minutes of free time comes in handy. 

Here I've made patches for a few race mods, to save you the hassle. All ESPs flagged as ESLs. Enjoy. :)


Grace - SkyRem Series AIO - My personal race overhaul of choice.
Imperious - Races of Skyrim - Both too popular too good to not patch.
Subtle but Classless - Both the Imperious and normal versions.