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ENB ReShade presets for a natural look ideal for the Cathedral Weathers mod in combination with True Storms and now for Scandinavian Seasons.

A version of my reshade preset with more brightness for my Blubbo ENB is now available in the files.

Permissions and credits
This is my first ENB, which I created for the Cathedral Weathers Mod. In addition, my BlubboReShadeV6 is used by me to complete this look.This ENB is based on the Rudy ENB (thanks to Rudy for the permission) which I used to learn how ENBs work and I completely changed them for myself. I intend to use the vanilla shader and not the enbeffect.tx to achieve this look. For some color changes, image sharpening, and the soft DOF, the extra ReShade is used, as it was easier for me to create. The settings for the nights and interiors I have left on Vanilla standard. For darker nights but the mod Darker Nights can be used.
Also works great in Vanilla. Other weather mods I have not tested.

I am using the ENB version 0.381 (d3d11.dll + d3dcompiler_46e.dll not included) and the ReShade version (shader files are included), because with newer versions Ady's Shaderaddon does not work for me. I do not know why either.

In the files I have two versions uploaded. A version, as I use it and additionally one with more color.

Hot Keys in the enblocal.ini :

shift+Enter - ENB GUI

Hot Keys for ReShade :

shift+f2 - ReShade GUI  -> select BlubboReShadeV6 Preset
shift+f4 toggle ReShade Effect on/off

If you want to play without DOF, disable it in the ReShade GUI and if you prefer a more powerful DOF with cinematic look, enable the DOF in the ENB GUI.

Thanks to :

- Rudy102
- Boris Vorontsov
- JawZ
- Marty McFly
- Tapioks
- MaxG3D
- Kingeric1992
- Jjensson
- Phinix
- Adyss for his Ady's Shader Addon
- Bethesda