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About this mod

This mod adds my standalone follower Nikolai to Skyrim.

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This mod adds my standalone follower, Nikolai, to Skyrim.

Name: Nikolai
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Green
Race: Half-Nord, Half-Elf (In-game nord)
Essential: Yes
Level: 10 and levels with PC
Combat Style: Two-handed
Inventory: Glass Greatsword, Torch
Armor: Companion's Armor
Spells: Conjure atronach (3 elements).

Nikolai uses your default installed body.

Skyforge, Whiterun.

Kalilies for the hair.
LogRaam for the eyes.
Hvergelmir for the brows.
Traa108 for Tempered Skin (screenshots only).
Full_Inu for Sebastian Castellanos outfit (screenshots only).
Bethesda for making this fantastic game.
Nexus for hosting this mod.