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Combine lesser vanilla potions and poisons into upgraded versions.

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In all my playthroughs of Skyrim I often found myself carrying around tons of lesser potions that I almost never used. I wanted a mod that lets me recycle them into their higher tier versions. After not finding one, I decided to make it myself.

The ratio is 3:1 for potions and 2:1 for poisons.

Example: Three Potions of Health can combine into one Draught of Health.

It's not very efficient in most cases as taking three lesser potions gives you more than one potion of the next tier up. However carrying around three potions weighs a lot more than the one, and those potions don't go to waste. I like to think of it in terms of my character burning off water in potions and poisons to distill a more potent solution.

This mod is very simple. It just adds recipes to food crafting stations for combining vanilla potions and poisons into the next tier. It really shouldn't conflict with anything. It should support any vanilla potion that has different tiers.