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Adds more bees and beehives to Skyrim's wilderness. Offers new HD textures for bees, beehives, and apiaries.

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[size=10]OH GOD BEES SE[/size]

OH GOD BEES is intended to make you run screaming in fear of--er, I mean...make bees, beehive husks, and honeycombs more accessible to your character by greatly increasing the amount of bees and beehives in Skyrim. The amount of bees spawned per hive depends on both its location in Skyrim and its surrounding flora. The further south you travel and the more flowers you see, the more likely you are to find a beehive and a greater number of bees. The new hives are spread throughout Skyrim's wilderness; the highest density of bees and beehives are located in Falkreath; a moderate amount are found in the Reach, the Rift, and Whiterun; and a small amount can be found in Haafingar and Eastmarch. Some hives are not very easy to spot, but if you come across a gathering of bees, there is a high chance a hive is nearby.

This mod also offers high resolution textures for bees, beehives, and apiaries. Bee textures are available in 256 and 512, beehives are available in 512 and 1024, and apiaries are availble in 1k and 2k. All are equally delicious, but not as much as their honey.


Due to the scope of the .esp plugin, it may conflict with mods that alter a significant amount of Skyrim's wilderness worldspace. However, the worst that can happen is some clipping of the hives. If this happens, open the console and select the beehive, then enter 'MarkForDelete'. Make certain you have the hive selected and no other object since this command will permanently remove the item from the game. At this time, the best way to determine if you have a hive from this mod selected is to match the console item's first two hexadecimal numbers with the position this mod is placed in your load order (more info on this subject can be found here).


Wiseman303's Critter Fixes by wiseman303: Fixes models and collision box problems of insects and other critters.
Note: Some new bees and beehives are located very high up in trees, so you may need Critter Fixes to successfully obtain the bees with arrows/magic.

Changelog can be found under the ReadMe tab.

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