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This patch adds duration based health and stamina effects to food and alcohol in addition to the Realistic Needs and Diseases effects.

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This patch adds duration based health and stamina effects to food and alcohol in addition to the effects Realistic Needs and Diseases adds to them.

***NEW AS OF 7/14/2020***

  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - Food Healing Patch added as an alternate main file in case you use both CACO and RND.  Exclude combined patch from any bashed patches and load it after them.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp
Realistic Needs & Diseases.esp
[other RNAD patches]


Bashed Patch.esp



RND is central to my survival/realism experience, but I miss having ubiquitous bottom tier healing items for when I'm just starting out.  RND effects are also the perfect mechanism to discourage unrealistic spam eating/drinking.  I therefore added health and stamina restorative effects to most of the food and alcohol that RND also touches.  I will leave you to discover the specifics, but-

    *Ale and mead generally boost health and are weak alcohol.

    *Wine generally boosts stamina and is normal alcohol.

    *Distilled liquor and Dunmer beverages can boost health, stamina, or magicka, but are strong alcohol.  They can also have negative effects in addition to getting drunk.

    *Cooked meat, vegetables, and cheese generally boost health.

    *Carby foods generally boost stamina.

    *Soups and stews boost health and stamina, but slowly over several in game hours.

    *Some rare or difficult to cook items have multiple/better effects.

    *I left raw food, spoiled food, charred meat, and water alone.

The added effects are a good mix of duration based and all at once.

It is worth stating again that, except for hard liquor, I have limited the negative effects to getting drunk and stuffed.  I think this is a good gameplay balance.


Choose ONE main file and use your favorite mod manager.


Will conflict with other mods that alter food and drink effects.  Lowest in load order will win.

If you have mods like CC's Profitable Hunting or Hunterborn, load RND and this patch after them.

If you encounter an ingestible that you know should have an RND satiation effect ('medium meal' etc...) and a H/M/S effect but doesn't have one or both, here is the fix.  Dont' worry, it's fairly simple and involves absolutely no dicking around in SSEdit.

First go get more informative console.

Load your save and spawn the item if you need to. 

Throw it on the ground, open the console, then click on the item.

On the right hand of the console, you should see some info that has "base defined in:" and "last changed by:" in it. 

Make sure you actually clicked on the item, not the floor or something.  It happens.

Last change should always be RND_food_healing_patch.esp.  If it's not, this will tell you which mod you need to reorder in your load order to get the proper satiation effects.