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Nerfs many rewards from the mod Darkend

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Darkend is an awesome mod but some of the rewards it offers are just too OP. So I nerfed them.

There was a mod doing this, Darkend Balance Patch, but it's for Oldrim and it's not updated to the latest version of Darkend. Which is why I made this.

All credit goes to JKrojmal for creating Darkend and Pelopida for the first patch.


  • Ring of steel protection +1: +150 armor instead of +250 armor.
  • Cloranthy: +60/100% instead of +500/1000% of stamina regen.
  • Red tearstone ring: +30% melee and destruction damage when under 30% health, instead of +500 melee damage, +200 unarmed damage and +500 destruction when under 20% health.
  • Blue tearstone ring: +400 armor and +30% magic resist when under 30% health instead of +500 armor and +250% magic resist when under 20% health.
  • Spell stoneplate ring: +15/30% magic resist instead of +100/250% magic resist.
  • Ring of Pain: removed the magic and damage resist and reduced the magnitude of the cloak from 50 to 30. I'm not sure if magnitude affects radius or damage since cloak spells are weird. Either way 30 damage per second/30 radius is pretty nice.
  • Torment: reduced bleeding effect from 6 points for 60 seconds to 3 points for 25 seconds.
  • Ring of favor: +25/50 instead of +100/200 health, stamina and carry weight.
  • The Talos amulet has been turned into a regular Talos amulet, instead of reducing shout cooldown by 90%.
  • Agony and Despair: reduced bleeding effect from 6 points for 60 seconds to 2 points for 20 seconds.

All the rings have been made non-disenchantable and their value has been adjusted.