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Discover the Secret of the Blood Armory and obtain unimaginable power!

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Although blood magic have always been regarded as a sinister form of magicka art linked to the dreaded beings of the night, it's potential has nonetheless enthralled those who seek to test the limits of such power. The Blood Armory, which was  long thought to be a mere legend lost to the passage of time, utilized blood magic to manifest equipment sturdier than those created by the blood-forge, enchanted beyond typical bound spells, and formed by blood purer than that found in any blood spring or chalice. Now that this forbidden secret has been discovered and is soon on the verge of being unraveled, will you prevent it from unleashing into the realm or acquire the powers for your own goals?


  • Total of 11 new conjuration spells (4 Apprentice/4 Adept/1 Expert/2 Master) that are cast using health rather than magicka.
  • Each spell conjures either a type of "blood" weapon, a shield, or set of armor with stats above any found in vanilla game (respective to their type).
  • Spell health cost is determined by it's rank: Apprentice (50), Adept (100), Expert (150), Master (200).
  • Spells and their associated items come with fitting visual fx and several unique game-play effects.
  • Spells can be further upgraded to their "Gore" version when the Conjuration Perk - Mystic Bindings is learned.
  • Caster's health will gradually deplete for upkeep of spell (this stacks) until the weapons are sheathed or armor/shield are recasted.
  • Lore friendly quest-line implemented seamlessly into the world to guide you through on obtaining the spells.
  • MCM menu available to quickly add/remove all spells for debug & testing purposes or if you simply don't want to bother with the quest*.
*There are additional benefits in completing the quest

Getting Started:

  • Travel to Castle Volkihar after finishing the main Dawnguard quest-line (Condition: "Kindred Judgment" completed).
  • Quest will automatically start upon entering Volkihar Keep.


  • Download either ESP or ESPFE/ESL-Tagged version of the mod (Choose ONLY 1!).
  • Install with your preferred mod manager or extract Blood Armory.esp and Blood Armory.bsa to your data folder.
  • Uninstall with your mod manager or remove Blood Armory.esp and Blood Armory.bsa from your data folder.


This mod does not touch any of the vanilla spells or perk system so it should work out of the box with your favorite magic/perk overhaul mod. There should not be any explicit incompatibilities though mods altering any Dawnguard quest and assets called upon by my mod might prevent the this mod's quest from working properly, however, you can still easily obtain all the spells using the included MCM menu or through console commands.


I am still inexperience in terms of creating mods so the scripts and stuff could be complete spaghetti code since I had to look up everything during the process of making this, feel free to let me know if there is anything I could improve in the mod. Also, I spent quite a bit of time in researching different aspects of TES lore for the quest info, hope someone notices the minor tidbits I included which connects to other events in the game!