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Upon completing the quest The Jagged Crown, either Ulfric or Elisif will wear it, depending on your allegiance.

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The Jagged Crown is the first true mission you receive in the Civil War quest-line. A powerful symbol of rule, it will bolster the claim of any would-be High King or Queen of Skyrim.

So why then, after all that effort to retrieve it, does Ulfric not wear it proudly as he commands his troops? Why does Tullius not give it to Elisif as he claims he will? This mod fixes this inconsistency. Instead of vanishing from the game after the quest completes, the Crown will now be equipped by either Ulfric or Elisif, naturally depending on whether you did the Stormcloak or Imperial version of the quest. It will also work appropriately if you betray your faction and give it to the other side.

Now with an ESL option.

Stand Version

Even among those loyal to Jarl Elisif, there are whispers that she is little more than a figurehead for the Empire. The Jagged Crown rests on a stand beside her throne, a powerful symbol...but a true Nord would wear it proudly upon her head.

This version, by popular request, places the Jagged Crown on a stand next to Elisif, rather than have her wear it directly.

USSEP Version

Based on the USSEP versions of the CW02A and CW02B scripts. Stand version also available.


Simply install with the mod manager of your choice (recommended) or manually extract the download contents into your data folder.


Will probably not be compatible with anything that edits the same quest. Confirmed compatible with Immersive Armors and Legacy of the Dragonborn, no patch needed. Should be compatible with anything else, including mods that re-texture the crown.


I now have a patreon, if you enjoy my mods and would like to support me, I would greatly appreciate it. However, my mods will never be paywalled or offered early to patrons, so don't worry. It's purely to help me have to focus less on real life and more on modding.