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Adds a few quality of life improvements and features to the Spell Research mod by IronDusk33 – refining recipes for large amounts of solutions, easier way of dealing with mental exhaustion, a way to transform ruined books to paper, sitting animations, and more.

Permissions and credits

Spell Research is one of my favourite mods. It adds so much to magic gameplay that it feels like a DLC, and I think it’s a must-have for any mage playthrough. However, there were a few details I thought could be improved, so I made this patch. The changes include the following:
  • The screen now fades to black when time passes during scholarly activities (just like while sleeping) – for more immersion. If you don’t like that change, you can download an override that removes it made by DiscipleDarkfriend here.
  • Messages/notifications are said in first person instead of second.
  • The alembic gives alchemy experience (when refining solutions, creating elixirs etc.) – with this it feels more meaningful to advance alchemy than create countless poisons never to be used.
  • The refining recipes now have a ‘30 to 10’ version if you have enough material – it was easy to end up with hundreds of solutions after dissolving a lot of ingredients, and it took forever to refine them with the default ‘3 to 1’ recipes. It’s much faster when you can refine more at once.
  • ‘Degrade’ recipes for solutions (‘1 to 2’) are now only visible if you have the “Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim” book in your inventory – I never needed them, and they just tend to get in the way while refining. I didn’t want to completely remove them, so adding an extra requirement for them to show up seemed to be the best way to deal with them.
  • The weight for theses and rolls of paper is reduced – it didn’t make sense that a single roll was a heavy as a full book with a leather cover. So now a single roll weighs 0.1 (it was 1 vanilla), and the theses weigh depending on how much paper was used to write them (0.1-0.5).
  • I added a novice alteration spell that transforms a ruined/burned book into 2 rolls of paper. While this is not absolutely necessary given that you can use those books directly for writing, it’s complementary to my weight changes – every book weighs 2, and there are a lot of them in some dungeons, which makes it really easy to reach carrying capacity. If you transform them into rolls, it’ll be 10x less weight to carry. The spell is obtainable via research only.
  • You can fully recover from mental exhaustion if you sleep for 8h or more – I have seen a lot of people complaining about mental exhaustion and wanting it to be gone, but I personally think it makes sense that it’s included – the real problem with it was how long it took to recover. Often even 12 hours weren’t enough, and that didn’t really work well with a needs mod. If you don’t like the default value of 8, you can change it by typing into the console set _SR_GlobalExhaustionRecoverySleptHours to X – replace X with the value you want. Note that even if you set it to 0, you still need to sleep at least for a moment, because the code that removes exhaustion runs on sleep stop.
  • As of version 2.0, the research journal and alembic can be used while sitting. I added appropriate writing and reading animations for it to make sense. It will work with any kind of chairs, benches etc., however for it to feel natural you need a table in front of you, or otherwise you will be writing in midair. Given that all I have is vanilla animations, it won't look 100% perfect, as there isn't a reading animation adjusted for sitting at a table, but you can position the chair just right so the book doesn't obnoxiously clip through the table, and the piece of paper to write on is still on the table instead of floating. You can use Jaxonz Positioner to move furniture and set up your desk. You might notice that the player gets up and sits again if you choose to compose thesis — this is because any kind of crafting requires a furniture item, and a chair is a piece of furniture as well — you can't use both at once. For it to feel more natural, I added a brief book reading animation in between. Using the grimoire and artifacts also works while sitting.
  • Related to the change above, I updated the composing and researching standing animation loop to be more consistent with the sitting one — now the player will both write and read instead of just writing.
  • I added the mortar and pestle animation to the alembic — it will be played if you use the 'mix ingredients' option (other options open containers, not a crafting menu).

Manual Installation

Unpack the archive into your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.


Incompatible with anything that edits the same records and the main Spell Research script (_SR_QuestScript.pex). The only mod that does it at the moment is the Experience Book, but I provided a patch. Install and load it after my add-on and the book, and let it overwrite the script.

All files are ESL flagged (ESP-FE format), so they won’t contribute to the plugin limit of 254.


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