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Manual rules for Mator Smash. Manual rules enhance the functionality of Mator Smash making it much more accurate than the Smash_all generic rule.

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Mator Smash Rules

is a collection of manual rules for Mator Smash.

The intention here is to save other users the time of making their own manual rules.  When Mator Smash first came out I thought there would be a surge of people sharing manual rules.  It seemed natural that mod authors would post a manual smash rule for download alongside their main downloads.  Somehow that never happened.

Mator Smash defaults to Smash_All which is superior to Wrye bash, but still leaves a lot to be desired.  Especially when a large number of mods edit the same record.  If multiple patches affect the same record, then the smashed patch might not make the changes expected.  For example.  Smash_All preserves deletions.  If a Small_All esp removes a record, but another mod adds the record back--the modder decided to mod an old entry instead of creating a new one--then the entry is removed in the final patch and the lower mod is broken.

Manual rules are the solution.  Manual rules work by telling Mator Smash to ignore all changes or reversions a given mod makes that are not relevant to the intended changes that mod makes anyway.  Not all mods require a manual rule.  But I did find that the following mods were processed much better with manual rules.  Manual rules work best if the other relevant mods also have a manual rule, however.   For example. If you have a rule for NPC Looks which affects NPC_-Non-Player-Character(Actor) then it is a good idea to look at what other mods affect that record and make manual rules for them as well.

I didn't bother to make a rule for many mods.  Immersive Weapons fights with Zia's Weapons and other weapon mods that re-equip NPCs.  Rather than make manual rules for each mod, then solve conflicts with load order.  I just removed all NPC records from IW.

Even with manual rules, not all conflicts are resolved.  Some records Mator Smash won't process the rule correctly.  Other times, two apparently similar mods will solve problems in different ways or will make apparent out-of-scope changes that you still want to keep.  So always give each smashed patch a quick review in xEdit to make sure everything worked correctly.

Take the zip folder and drop into your \Mator Smash\settings\Skyrim directory.  Then you will need to then assign the rule to the esp.  Right-click on the mod.  Then select Smash Setting/Ungrouped/ then the mod name.  From there you can always click on the Manage Smash Settings button to check out my edit and decide whether you agree with my setting or whether it needs an edit. Either way, it should save you some time and effort even if you believe I did it wrong.

Rules don't eliminate the importance of load order.  If two different mods affect the same value, then the lowest one still wins.

All Credit goes to Matortheeternal for making the utility in the first place.

Included rules:
NPC Looks - This is not a mod, but a general rule for NPC beautification mods. It only activates Tint masks, Head Parts, Hair, etc.  But ignores anything else.
Standalone Followers - A generic rule for.....standalone followers.  I've found many standalone follower mods making changes where they shouldn't.  This mitigates that somewhat but does not work with all standalone followers.

Another Sorting Mod
Better Vampire NPCs
Book of UUNP
College of Winterhold (Immersive College of Winterhold)
Consistent older people
Dynamic Dungeon Loot
ELE - Lite
Elemental Destruction Magic
Feminine Females
Immersive Music
Immersive Sounds
More Interesting Loot
Obis Loot
Opulent Outfits
Real Water
Remodeled Armor
Remove Interior Fog
Sexy Armor
Tiwa - Minidresses
Unique Loot
UUNP Vanilla Outfits
Zias Weapons

If people want, they can post their own rules on google drive or somewhere appropriate and I can use this page to consolidate manual rules.

Mods better if not Smashed

Set these mods to Skip or remove from Smash patch.  If you skip a mod, remove it from your smashed patch. Skip doesn't work correctly.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Use LOOT