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Fully integrates the crossbows and bolts added by Dawnguard and, optionally, Rare Curios, Elite Crossbows, and Expanded Crossbow Pack to the world.

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  • Mandarin


Optional Requirements/Supported Mods:

Other Creation Club Mods

What Crossbow Integration does:
The Crossbow Integration core mod (Crossbow Integration.esp) does NOT require any of the Creation Club content to function. Crossbows will be distributed to the world, but without the variety of the added items from the Creation Club mods.

All crossbows, except Dawnguard and Dwarven, can be crafted with the appropriate perk. All crossbows and bolts have been roughly rebalanced to WACCF levels, including projectile speed.

Standard crossbows do 2 points more damage than their equivalent bow.

Enhanced Crossbows renamed to "Marksman's Crossbow", they do 4 points of damage LESS than their standard crossbow equivalent, but ignore 50% of armour and do critical damage equal to their damage.

The Dawnguard crossbow is the original crossbow from Dawnguard, rebalanced to elven levels. Now does extra damage to vampires like the rest of the Dawnguard weapons. It can only be crafted by members of the Dawnguard once Sorine has been recruited and asked.

Added a new crossbow, Steel, as a low-level crossbow. This will be the most common crossbow type. Stormcloaks, and Imperials may spawn with Steel Crossbows.

Dwarven crossbows and explosive bolts can only be crafted once the relevant Ancient Technology quests for the Dawnguard are completed, OR the Ancient Knowledge reward for the quest "Unfathomable Depths" quest has been acquired.

The Dwarven crossbow is rebalanced to around Ebony/Stalhrim levels as it is hard to acquire. Tiny chance to be found in Dwarven chest loot.

The steel exploding bolts can be crafted after a note found on Vanik’s body is read or the relevant Ancient Technology quest is completed. Vanik only appears during the vampire side if the “Prophet” quest. If the player has already completed this quest, use the following console command to update the required global:

set CISteelExplodingBolts to 100

The Ancient Technology quests for the Dawnguard are untouched. Completing them will still provide guaranteed additional dwarven and steel bolts for Sorine as well as the ability to craft dwarven crossbows and explosive bolts.

Additional Notes:
  • Do not clean any plugins with xEdit, all ITM's are intentional.
  • There is no guarantee that a smashed or bashed patch will carry forward all the relevant changes, even with bash tags, so manual patching will be necessary.

Crossbow Integration

Elite Crossbows

Expanded Crossbow Pack

Rare Curios

Rare Curios Bolts Expanded