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Falconroost is a cozy player-friendly treehouse home, located at the mouth of a waterfall. Nestled among trees, it offers a small but comfortable dwelling, with all necessities.

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Falconroost SE is a fixed-up port and expanded version of VapourNZ's quaint treehouse-style player home. 

It is situated up the steep mountain trail to the West of Fort Amol, just inside the Eastern border of Whiterun Hold (a nearby landmark is the classic lone bandit on the tree bridge). Unlike some of the more grandiose or expansive player homes that can be found, Falconroost is small, cozy, and simple. The home has cooking facilities, a double bedroom, and modest storage for a number of items (all safe containers). Outside, it is equipped with crafting, alchemy and enchanting stations, a small vegetable garden area, hearthfire planters, and best yet, a stunning mountain view down into Skyrim. The home comes with a little history about it, left for you to discover.

Brodual's video of the original LE version:

Falconroost only affects the area around the top of the waterfall, so any mod that changes that area would be incompatible. Other than that, it should work fine with any mod you might have! The area is navmeshed, meaning Falconroost is also follower-friendly.

Thanks to VapourNZ for giving me permission to port this, and for making such an awesome mod!