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This mod combines the racial abilities and choice of skill boosts of Aetherius by SimonMagus616 with some of the attribute values of Race Abilities Enhanced (or Rae) by DrPharmDawg.

Permissions and credits
Do you love Aetherius, but wish the skill boosts were lower? Do you love Race Abilities Enhanced, but want different racial abilities? Do you love just SMASHING mods together and seeing what happens? Well then do I have the mod for you!

Introducing Raetherius - A Bastardized Race Mod! With Raetherius, you can enjoy all the interesting and wonderful parts of Aetherius while not feeling like your Argonian Restoration mage is too strong for having their Restoration skill at a whopping twenty after almost getting their tail torn off by a distant relative in some small mountain town!

Raetherius builds off of the racial abilities and skill boosts of Aetherius with the important distinction reduced Health/Magicka/Stamina (and their corresponding regenerations) values and a reduced base skill level for all skills. Details can be found in the Docs tab.

Compatibility and Requirements

This mod has a hard requirement on Aetherius by SimonMaguc616, and is not compatible with other mods that touch race records. If you really wanted to, you could go into xEdit and make a patch, but I won't be making any patches unless there is a substantial need to.


Doesn't this make the game harder?

Probably! A reduction in skill levels across the board will most likely make the beginning of your game more difficult, but that's the point! I enjoy a more substantial feeling of character growth, and that's why I made this mod.

Do you have permission from both DrPharmDawg and SimonMagus616?

I do! DrPharmDawg gave me permission to use their values from Rae in this mod, and Aetherius has open permissions. I did ask Simon though, just to be safe.

Why do you stink so much? My goodness, you smell like a sewer full of onion-eating rats!

What can I say? I love onions!


Big thanks to SimonMagus616 and DrPharmDawg, of course, for making great mods and for being gracious enough to give me permission to publish this one. It's my first published mod, so I really appreciate it!