Skyrim Special Edition
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Update: See the bug report for possible problems. I didn't find any problems myself, but the mod is on an older setup and many things haven't been updated. I am not currently using it. So, the issues didn't exist then for me, but they could now. I would suggest uninstalling it and doing a clean of your save if you have any problems.

Permissions and credits
First of all, SSE Enhanced AI Framework by EtherealCoder is a required file. It is what inspired me to create this in the first place. I was waiting for a real modder to create something like this with his framework, but nobody ever did. Runtime Spell Assigner by molave uses the framework, and I use that mod, but it has a different concept.

I use a ton of high level enemy and creature mods, and I was constantly seeing vanilla NPCs get obliterated. So, rather than giving enhanced AI to my enemies, why not help out the population a little?

This mod adds a few additional hunters to most of the existing hunter camps and a few other areas. They come in pairs, because their new AI is more apparent that way.

In a few areas, I added additional tents, bedrolls, tanning racks, and sharpening stones. They use sleep and sandbox packages, so it made sense to give them something to do  when they are not killing prey or other enemies.

The hunters are randomly generated from the leveled lists. They are all an ally to the player and will follow you if you ask them to. When you dismiss them, they will return to their camp. So, if you come across a hunter and need assistance clearing a nearby dungeon, invite them along and then dismiss them afterwards.

If you don't want them to be a potential follower, then delete the included bsa file. It contains a script to make them your ally. It doesn't do anything else.

The hunters all have the "protected" status. The player can kill them, but nobody else can. They will re-spawn after the allotted time if you kill them. Edit: I have added a version with the "protected" status removed for those who prefer it.

I have also added some travelling hunters. You can randomly come across them as you traverse Skyrim. They are also potential followers and will return to their travel package when dismissed.

I highly recommend use of Hunters Not Bandits by raccoondance, but it is not required.

This mod has no conflicts with Better Hunters by win2009. If you load mine after his, then most of my hunters will be pulled from his leveled lists and will use his mod settings. I use his mod myself, but it is not required.

Any mods that add things to the same places will probably have minor conflicts, but I am not currently aware of any problems. 

If you try this out, hopefully, you will enjoy it. If nothing else, maybe you'll see some of the beasts and bandits get their comeuppance.

There are 2 main files: an esp and bsa for those that like to merge or aren't worried about mod count, or an esl flagged esp and bsa which will not affect the normal mod limit. Use ONLY one of the files.

Either use your preferred Mod Manager, or extract the files and place them in your data folder.

If you decide to uninstall the mod, be sure to do a "clean save" and use Resaver from FallrimTools - Script cleaner and more to remove the script from your save file.