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More Immersive College of Winterhold patches, such as Oblivion Artifact Pack, Artifacts of Skyrim, Konahrik's Accoutrements and the Creation The Gray Cowl Returns!

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Oblivion Artifact Pack Patch

This patch relocates the skill books from Oblivion Artifacts Pack in the Arcanaeum so they are usable.

This patch is reportedly not needed anymore.

Artifacts of Skyrim Patch

Artifacts of Skyrim adds a whole structure on top of the mound at Skytemple Ruins, which Immersive College of Winterhold also edits. The result is rather unsightly and there's a lot of object collision. Disabled the Artifacts edits in favor of Immersive College of Winterhold's. After all, during the Fall of Winterhold quest,
Helm of Yglar has been moved to compensate for this, it's next to the chest in the Skytemple Ruins. The patch also relocates the Provincial Artifacts - Volume IV, Skyrim book so it's no longer on the ground of the Arcanaeum (requires a cell reset).

Konahrik's Accoutrements Patch

Not truly needed, only moves The Dragon Forge book so it's no longer laying on the floor of the Arcanaeum (requires a cell reset). But it always annoyed me.

The Gray Cowl Returns! Patch (Creation Club)

Re-enables the Gray Fox's gravestone that ICOW disables and moves it slightly, and moves the Stranger's Journal so the quest can be completed (requires a cell reset on saves where the The Gray Cowl Returns has already been installed and you have been to Riften already).

All patches are ESL flagged and a merged option is available.