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Imperials and Stormcloaks now have a chance of spawning wearing their own heavy sets.

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First of all a massive thanks to Lumps who provided the heavy Stormcloak armor set as an open source. Standalone PC version of this armor (Heroic Stormcloak Armor) here.


This mod allows Imperial soldiers and guards to spawn wearing Heavy Imperial Armor, both with the full-face helmet and open-face helmet. Some may also spawn with heavy shields. To level out the playing field, Stormcloak soldiers and Windhelm guards have a chance of spawning wearing a set of heavy Stormcloak armor, which is identical to the Heavy Imperial Armor in stats and can be crafted at a smithy with the steel perk upon joining the Stormcloaks. As of v1.0a the set is Frostfall-ready and will provide good coverage and warmth if using that mod.

Overall this mod makes the Civil War quests a bit more immersive and challenging; especially at earlier levels.


To install via NMM, simply click Download With Manager in the files tab, and activate the file in NMM.

To install manually, extract the .rar archive and place the data folder into your Skyrim Special Edition directory.


Mods that affect the outfits of Imperials and Stormcloaks may conflict with this. Retextures or remeshes should be fine. It is advised to not use this mod if using Immersive Armors, as Lumps' Heroic Stormcloak Armor is already included in it and given to some Stormcloak characters.

  • Compatible with Cloaks of Skyrim, although the Imperial cloaks clip quite badly with the heavy armor.