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SKSE plugin to let the player block attacks while dual wielding (two weapons or weapon + spell) or unarmed

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This is an SKSE VR plugin which lets the player block while dual wielding (two weapons, spellblade, or both hands unarmed).
This is done by basically re-checking the conditions the game normally checks to block without dual wielding (well, I try to emulate the existing behavior as well as I can - I think it's pretty close).

Block with your weapon the way you normally would if you were one handing, but now you can do it with a weapon or spell in your other hand. If you're not sure what the conditions are for starting to block, check the included .ini file for information about what you need to do to block, as well as tweak the values if needed.
You need to have a weapon in your main hand (right hand if playing with left handed mode off, left hand if playing with left handed mode on) - this is skyrim's fault, not mine.
If you have weapons in both hands, then you can block with either hand. If you have a weapon and a spell, then you can only block with your weapon, and it has to be in your main hand.
If you have a weapon and shield, then you can enable a .ini option to let you block with the weapon as well as the shield, but blocking with the weapon in this case will block the same as if the shield was blocking, resulting in a more powerful block than you should have with just the weapon.

You can also block while having both hands empty (and unsheathed). To do this, hold out your hands sideways (palms facing towards or away from you), so kind of like a boxer stance (I don't box).

If you change the left handed mode setting during play, reload your save.

The conditions for entering and exiting the blocking stance can be modified in Data/SKSE/Plugins/DualWieldBlockVR.ini for both dual wielding and unarmed.
Descriptions of what each setting does is in the .ini file. Modifying this requires a game restart.

  • Skyrim VR

Use a mod manager, or manually copy the files into your Data folder.
If you have version 1.0, update and clean your save, as it removes the .esp and papyrus scripts.

Thanks to the creators of SKSE and SkyrimVRTools, as well as VRCustomQuickslots and Dragonborn Speaks Naturally for running console commands through SKSE.

Source can be found here