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Old Gods of the Hunt mod by Mihail uses a bad sound file with background music, static & clipping included. This mod simply replaces the offending sound file in the above mod with a new one I have mixed together.

Permissions and credits
I love the Mikhail Monsters mod series, but I have found that a number of the sound files he used can range from annoyingly loud to uncomfortably loud, and I have had to remix many by -16 to -20 dB to make them more realistic.
Once such file is particularly bad, for the Old Gods of the Hunt - Mihail Monsters and Animals (SSE PORT), which seems to use a sound file ripped from a movie or tv show - with background music, static & clipping included.

Link to his original awesome mod here:

So I literally saw in one of the pop up lists while posting this mod that someone has already made one that does the same thing. You might like that one better than mine, so I'm linking it here:

My mod simply replaces the bad sound file with a new one I have mixed together. My version has no music in it at all.

Install in MO2/Vortex after/below the original Mihail mod and Merge or Overwrite the original mods wav file.

Please note that this mod does not include any assets from Mihail's mod, has no plugins, and only contains a single file:

  • \Sound\fx\mihailoldgod.esp\wendigoaudio.wav

Original File / Replacement File specs:

  • Size: 15793KB / 14509KB
  • Bitrate: 1536kbps / 1411kbps
  • Length: 1:24 / 1:24 (same)

Also I did not create the sounds included in this mod, I simply mixed them together for the purpose of fixing the sound in my game.

Full credits and attributions for all the sound samples I used belong to the following users on :
- ztrees1
- gpag1
- quadraslayer
- cylon8472
- AudioRichter