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Spells will no longer fly in a straight line off the screen at 4km/h, they've been given physics. They will drop now according to school, size, and power, like arrows do. (Except arrows don't have those variables in place.)

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Effects for Spells

What this mod achieves is making all Missile type/Aim and Forget spells to have actual physics when being cast. I was tired of watching my Incinerate spell and my Fireball spell float through the sky like it had some sort of ungodly velocity while travelling at 4 mph.

What spells are affected? And how?- This mod will affect every missile type spell in the Illusion, Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration, and Restoration category. The mod strives to base it's physics off what the spell can do. Fireball will drop significantly more than the Firebolt. Calm will drop less than Fear.

Negative effect spells generally will tend to drop more. Larger cast cone/missile spells like the Frost Cloud will drop extremely significantly and won't fly through the air like a magic cloud until it just disappears anymore.

Compatibility - This mod is not going to change the physics for other spell mods. That will require a compatibility patch. If you like this mod, request it and I'll look into creating physics for all aim/forget cast spells for other spell mods.

- It's an .esp mod, so just install via NMM or drop the .esp in your \Data and you're finished, just tick it off in NMM/data files.

Uninstallation - Untick NMM/mod .esp in Data Files. Done.