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A lightweight replacer model for the Skyrim Windmills and all its components.

Permissions and credits
Includes 5 meshes in total, replacing the windmills and their components.
Animations and interaction works as before.
Some parts of the meshes are still vanilla. This is because they are rigged in a very complicated manor for the animations to work, way above my knowledge.
The windmill inside Solitude CIty has not been touched. Will come up with something special before replacing that one.

The wooden planks texture is 4k, otherwise it gets blurry. The rest are 1 or 2k, depending on the textured area.

Overwrite SMIM

The components meshes are 7 times lighter than SMIM and the windmill building mesh is almost as low poly as Bethesda's. Should be feather weight for all systems.

I like object A but i dont like object B. Can you make a version without object B please?
No. Download, unpack, get what you need, delete the rest.

Would you upload all 1k textures for people with old rigs?
No. Download and the dds extension and scale your textures to whatever resolution you like.

Can you make a version that would match my whatever texture pack?

Oldrim version?

May i offer ideas for improvement?
Yes, it would be very much appreciated