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Animation pack which replaces all 1h and 2h attack animations. In total 15 new attack animations.

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This is my pack which replaces all attack animations for 1 and 2 handed weapons. The main difference between this and all other animations mods is that my uses different animation for every swing
You may or may not know, but the way meele attacks works in Skyrim is basically you have 2 swings which composes of :

1/2hm_attackright.hkx - first swing while standing still
1/2hm_attackleft.hkx - second swing while standing still

There are also variants of those based on the direction you're moving.

For example :
2hm_runfwdattackright - (fwd = foward) first slash while running foward 

In vanilla Skyrim there are only 2 swing animations for 1 handed weapons and 2 aswell for 2 handed weapons. Yes the same 2 boring animations everytime you press attack(not couting power attacks).

My pack changes these 2 into a total of 10 (15 if we count power attacks) in order to give as much variety as possible.

So basically you will get : 
2 different swings while standing still
2 different swings while running/walking foward
2 different swings while running/walking backwards
2 different swings while running/walking right
2 different swings while running/walking left
5 new power attacks also based on the direction.

In total 15 new animations to make combat a bit more enjoyable.




1H UPDATE 1.1 showcasing changed animations, check sticky post for more info

These were recorded with weaponspeedmult 1.3 as this is the usual value I always play with. It does make combat animations in general feel less clunky/sloppy and at the same time, it's not fast enough to "break" some custom combat animations and make them look stupid and neither fast enough for me to feel I have a big advantage over npc's. 


There are 2 ways, recommended and not recommended

You need to use FNIS PCEA2 or Nemesis PCEA

This method is recommended, because it changes only player's animation, while NPC's will keep their default ones. If you have never used neither of them, go to FNIS PCEA2 and read about it's installation and usage. Once you think you're ready : 

Right click FNIS/Nemsis PCEA  -> open in explorer and go to \meshes\actors\character\animations\Nemesis_PCEA (or FNIS_PCEA2) and delete from there any existing folders.

data\meshes\actors\character\animations\Nemesis_PCEA (or FNIS_PCEA2) and delete any existing folders.

Now download MANUALLY my mod (PCEA version). Extract and open it. Open the folder that's inside and you should find folder called "0_1h SE" or "0_2h SE",  move it to Nemesis/FNIS PCEA2 folder which you previously empted. It's important you copy the last folder from there, which contains animations files inside, do not copy the first folder after unpacking archive called "0_1h SE PCEA PACK" or "0_2h SE PCEA PACK", instead copy the folder that's inside of it.

Run FNIS/Nemesis and you're done.

People already familiar with PCEA should know what to do. My packs by default have the highest priority (0_ and _1), so rename them according to your own packs.


This will simply drop animations to your data folder, therefore NPC's will use those animations aswell. This is actually good if you want to quickly test them, without re-building your PCEA structure and re-running FNIS/Nemesis. Afterwards I would still advise to delete them from there and use PCEA version if you decide you want to use them.

Known issues: None really, but there's 1 problematic mechanic. Basically when you're holding 2 directional buttons (W+D, W+A etc.) Skyrim tries to mix animation from both of those directions you're going. In Vanilla there isn't any problem with that since all animations are the same, but with my pack it doesn't really look good, since it's trying to play 2 different animations at the same time. I can't really fix that, so the only solution is to simply get rid of habit of attacking while holding 2 directional buttons. 


My pack consists of animations made from following talented authors :

Thank you mofumofu372 for granting me permission 
Thank you cyh0405 for granting me permission
Thank you 5poiler for granting me permission
Thank you sakero133 for granting me permission
Thank you GomaPudding for granting me permission
Thank you distar66 for for granting me permission

Thanks to all of you for letting me use your awesome animations.