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Become fluent in the Dovah-Zul!

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The Dovahkiin, born with power that shall equal that of the ancient Dovah...except for the fact they can only say 3 words every few minutes whilst Dragons fly overhead spittin' hot fire.

Basically this will make it so that the Amulet of Talos effect will now reduce your shout cooldown by 99%, allowing you to perform weak blasts instantaneously and stronger Thu'ums every few seconds. Totally up to you whether or not you abuse this to make the game too easy or if you just want to be able to Whirlwind Sprint across the terrain a little quicker, or just use it to blast people/animals/cheese from the mountaintops.

I have added 4 variants:

1) The first will grant you 100% cooldown on shouts but requires you to wear an Amulet of Talos, this would be ideal for people who want the ability to take it off and simply use the amulet for the occasional fun, rampage or fun rampage.

2) Similar to above, requires an Amulet of Talos but only decreases the cooldown by 50%, for those who hate the long vanilla wait times but don't want to totally unbalance the game.

3) Grants 100% cooldown like (1) but instead of an Amulet of Talos, this buff is recieved by praying to the Talos Shrine in Whiterun by the steps to Dragonreach. For those who want the godly powers of infinite shouts but don't want to lose thier amulet slot.

4) Same as (3) but 50% cooldown.

Installation: Either download with NMM or just drop the .esp in your Skyrim data folder.