Skyrim Special Edition
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About this mod

******** WORK IN PROGRESS ********
This mod adds a new set of carefully handcrafted, radiant and challenging dungeons for those who want to explore some new places in Skyrim. Also adds new consumables, gear and weapons. The dungeons are very canon to the original TES universe/lore and hopefully add somewhat interesting places to discover.

Permissions and credits
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This mod is an ongoing W.I.P. (work in progress) that ultimately strives to add new unique dungeons / places to discover, new challenging enemies, new items and new spells integrated in such manner that seamlessly submerges them into the original game. 

As of yet I personally don't recommend this mod to be included in an actual playthrough before there are sufficient amounts of locations available.
But I'm having it on here anyway for feedback and testing purposes, so feel free to share your thoughts and opinions during this time.

Here I'll be keeping a list of dungeons that are finished and scheduled ones.

Finished dungeons:
- Skittering Chasm, Winterhold (new ingredients and alchemy effect)

A cold dark abyss that winds down deep into the mountains of Winterhold. Those brave (or foolish) souls that dare set foot here should tread as lightly as the spider on her web, because a sudden move may mean sudden death.
The Black Frostbite Spider is said to be rarely seen in broad daylight. While this may be true, or kept a secret by the webbed mouths of her victims, it still is far from wise to step into what could very well be a broodlair (without the appriopiate protection...).

- Synod Research Facility, Falkreath (10+ new spells and 2 unique armor enchantments)

As ages pass and factions change, the Synod usher more of a foothold in Skyrim. Their everlasting hunt for sources of powerful magic has drawn them to a place near the border between Skyrim and Cyrodiil, where there has been said to be an ancient altar dedicated to accessing unprecedented magical techniques. Some time ago, they have built a research facility high in the Northern Jerall Mountains to discover the connection between this altar and the realms of Aetherius.
However, recent disturbings have been signalled to come from this location causing the ground to tremble and the winds to change.
Word has it that their rivalry with the College of Whispers has recently escalated to all but an outright war.
What have they found?

Upcoming dungeons:

- Howling Pass
- Giant's Gap (new weapon)
- Evergreen Cavern 

Compatible mods:
- Hammet's Dungeon Pack
- EasierRider's Dungeon Pack
- Qaxe's Questorium
- More Bandit Camps
PDS Dungeons
- Forgotten Dungeons
- Immersive Dungeons
- The Unfinished Buisness Dungeons Pack
Skyrim Underground

What if it still causes a mod conflict for me?
If a dungeon entrance from Dreamwraith's Dungeon Pack is blocked or other conflicts show up make sure to load Dreamwraith's Dungeon Pack AFTER the conflicting mod to give it the priority.

 Use your favourite download manager or download manually and copy and paste the [DreamwraithsDungeonPack.esp] and both [DreamwraithsDungeonPack.bsa] and [DreamwraithsDungeonPack - Textures.bsa] in the Steam -> SteamApps -> Common -> Skyrim Special Edition -> [Data] folder. Then relaunch the game and after the Bethesda logo click on "Mods". Wait until the mod list or "Load order" loads and activate Dreamwraith's Dungeon Pack again.

Upgrade from an old version:
Save somewhere outside of any dungeon (preferably inside a major city) and quit the game. Uninstall Dreamwraith's Dungeon Pack, then load up the previous save and save again. Quit the game once more and install the update (main file).

Remove any files that have DreamwraithsDungeonPack in their name.

Feel free to ask me any questions or suggest things in the comment section or contact me privately.

Discord tag: Bassie#2305