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2K Elven weapon replacer textures/meshes made by Erlioniel - now on SE! Adds black obsidian trimmings/outlines to elven gear

Permissions and credits
This is a SE port of: Elven Weapon for Silence
- using SSE Nif Optimizer & NifSkope. 4K textures upscaled via waifu2x caffe
- everything is ported from LE page, which was last updated in Dec 4th, 2012
- endorse the original mod if you love it! It's a very old mod, but it's still gold!


- Using Mod Organizer (or any other mod managers, I assume)
- download and install file, and ya done!

- replaces only ELVEN weapons - sword, greatsword, dagger, battleaxe, bow, etc
- it's only textures & meshes. So it's either gonna overwrite something, or its gonna be overwritten
- load it last to have it overwrite other elven weapon assets, and everything should show up


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: for max aesthetics~
*** PATCH FOR DUAL SHEATH NOW AVAILABLE: check under [misc] downloads ***

- if you use Leanwolf's BETTER SHAPED WEAPONS, download the patch (pick just one!) under "optional files" and let it overwrite Leanwolf's mod. You do not need the main files. Highly recommend using these files over the main files

- are these meshes still not enough for you? Check out Elven Blades

- get amidianborn's elven armor (dark). Get the (dark) shield textures as well. It should work, no problem, despite being for LE.

- if you like the bikini armor in the cover & end photo, look up Bikini Ascend SE on google and you'll find a loverslab link (site can be nsfw btw)


NOTES: about the port
- lower res textures are available on the LE page, I chose only the 2K.
- ENB will affect color of weapons!
- fixed the cubemaps and updated it using HD Cubemap Collection by cALAMIN
- kudos to LeanWolf for keeping his permissions loose, else we wouldn't have the patch files
- a shout-out to Jowain92 for the pro screen-archery feature photos (thanks Jowain!)
- and lastly, thank you Erlioniel for letting me port this and share it - the mod deserves a little love over in SE