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This mods adds shelves to the Helgen keep/Abandoned prison (depending on mod variant) with most novice level spells ready to be learned!

Permissions and credits
Have you ever wanted to change what spells you start with in you adventure? If so, then search no more! This mod adds shelves into the Helgen keep/Abandoned prison filled with toggleable spell tomes that enables you to learn/forget (in case you change your mind) most novice level spells.

I thought about limiting maximum learned spells to some number, but it is your game, I will leave it up to you to decide.

Helgen keep shelves are located in the room where you get potions next to the entry door

------------------- Contains -------------------
Conjuration - Bound Dagger, Conjure Familiar, Raise Zombie
Destruction - Flames, Frostbite, Sparks
Illusion - Courage, Fury, Clairvoyance
Restoration - Healing, Lesser Ward
Alternation - Oakflesh, Candlelight

------------------- Installation -------------------
Requires SKSE!!
Use your favorite mod manager (NMM, Vortex, MO) or extract mod into Data folder in your Skyrim installation folder.
If you use Live Another Life mod, there is a version that adds the shelves next to the statue.

------------------- Compatibility -------------------
Compatible with most things, except one that adds something in the same place where the shelves are. 
I also removed Flames and Healing spells from being auto added, so if some mod changes NPC Prisoner record (e.g. mod that starts the game with female or naked character), it will also conflict.

------------------- It's not working! -------------------
Please tell me what is wrong in comments or in bug reporting tab and I'll see what I can do.