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A large selection of Apachii's hairstyles converted into wigs for when you just *have* to change your hair! 50+ hairs each for male and female in several colours.

Permissions and credits
Back when I played Oblivion, Apachii's wigs mod was one of the mods I could not live without.
When I started playing Skyrim, I wondered why there were virtually no mods that added wigs.

After seeing Dupre232's guide on how to make wigs from hairs, I thought to myself "I can do that" - so I got started and converted all of Apachii's SkyHair meshes to wigs.  Having done that, I contacted Apachii to ask if I could share them with you guys, and here we are.

This mod adds wig versions of almost all of Apachii's SkyHair meshes. I left out a few because I never used them myself.

Why use wigs, you ask? Isn't it just as easy to use the Racemenu to change your hair? Maybe it is, but can you use multi-colored hair that way? Also, do you have a racemenu for followers? Because I don't, and I would like to be able to change my followers' hair as well.

*Additional by AlienSlof:
All wigs should now work on ALL races, even Argonians, to offer all possible choices. Some will fit better than others, and will require a little bit of trial an error to find one that looks the best. Some will clip here and there, depending upon character's weight. I did this as I'm currently playing a Khajiit and he wanted more choice. I've also shortened the names of the wigs to better fit the interface, but I've kept the numbering the same.

Wigs now also display on mannequins.

This mod contains a grand total of:
-54 female wig-models
-50 male wig-models
Both male and female in at least 6 colours each, plus extra colors (eg multicoloured, see screenshots)

All wigs have their own inventory models, so you can see exactly what you get.
All wigs are craftable on a seperate wig-only anvil, which can be accessed through the spell. On the anvil you can also create invisible helmets, from each vanilla armor, to wear with the wigs.
The wigs themself go on the helmet/hair slot and the invisible helmets are set to slot 60.

1.1 New: Added by AlienSlof: a long bum-length hair (the one I use for my Basil character) in 12 colours. Also darkened the ginger textures a little to reduce the harsh orange in bright lighting.

I made a spell, which you can learn from a tome laying on Farengar's desk, in Whiterun Dragonsreach. This spell has two options;

1. Access the wigs-anvil; you can craft all available wigs under the MISC section
2. Teleport to the Wigs room; here is a wigs-anvil, and also 4 barrels which contain all the wigs.

If you are in the wigs room, recasting the spell gives you the option to return to where you came from.

This is a port of an old mod, and Apachii's most recent hair mod contains many more styles. However, there are over 100 styles here! Hopefully, there will be something to suit everyone!

ALL permissions have been acquired.