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While under the effect of potions, your tolerance will gradually increase, decreasing the effectiveness of subsequent potions. Tolerance will gradually return to normal after all Alchemical effects wear off.

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by lofgren

This mod adds chemical tolerance to the PC. While under the effect of potions, tolerance will increase by 1% each second and the effectiveness of future potions will decrease by 1% each second. When consuming a restore health, magicka, or stamina potion, tolerance will immediately increase by 20%.

When all alchemy effects have been purged from the system, the PC's tolerance will slowly return to baseline (by 1% per second).
The result is that the timing of potions becomes a serious consideration for the PC.

This mod makes use of the largely unused actor value AlchemyPowerMod. This actor value was intended to be used for potions of Fortify Alchemy, which were not included in the final game. However, its effect still remains, so brewing potions while tolerance is increased will result in a less effective potion that will not regain its normal effectiveness even after tolerance returns to baseline. Therefore it is recommended that you do not brew potions unless tolerance has returned to normal. I could prevent this effect but it would have a negative impact on compatibility with other mods.

If you use SkyUI, there is an MCM that will allow you to adjust the amount that restore potions increase tolerance. If you use a mod that adds a duration to these effects, you may wish to set this number to 0.

To uninstall, use the MCM or follow these steps:
1. Wait until your tolerance returns to normal.
2. Open the console and get the ID of the perk by typing: help tolerance
3. Remove the perk by typing: Player.RemovePerk XXXXXXXX replacing XXXXXXXX with the number of the perk you got from the first command. Then delete the files.

lofgren for open permission to port Potion Tolerance