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Makes Staves of Skyrim compatible with Enai Saiaion's Ordinator.

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Status: Emergency rebuild complete.  Untested.  Changing from a replacer to a patch was a far more comprehensive change than I expected, requiring a complete rewrite of the mod. 

Finally, Staves of Skyrim is now compatible with Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim This version includes some experimental bug fixes.  Let me know and I'll see if I can fix.

What this does:

  • Merges the Staves of Skyrim trees and Ordinator block tree so they are properly integrated instead of one overwriting the other. 
  • SoSO now uses Ordinator versions of perks and spells rather than vanilla.
  • Carried forward relevant Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch changes.  Requires USSEP but Dependency editor won't let me add it for
some reason. 
  • Fixed 34 meshes to remove the persistent light-in-hand bug.
  • Fixed a number of errors from stavesofskyrim.esp from an unverified conversion.  This affected weaponized staves.

What it does not do (yet):
  • Ordinator staff perks in the Enchanting tree (Channeler, Wizard'sStaff, Starlight Sage, and Staff Flux(maybe)) were not altered to work with defensive staves. 
  • Add support for two handed staves.
  • Ordinator Block perks that check for Armor Shield keyword will not work.  Perks that check getarmortype() will work.  Will have to verify
perks individually to determine if they should work with a staff.  Then edit conditions.  I have no plans to have the perk Deflect Arrows work
the same as with shield. Maybe a later perk will activate a Ward that blocks arrows.