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  1. Closeded
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    Thanks a lot for this. I have a question.

    I'm using OnVRButtonEvent and OnVROverlapEvent in a quest script's OnInit (same as the MyFancyQuest in the git repo) in and they work perfectly if the controllers are on when the game starts, but if the controllers aren't paired at launch, or if they fall asleep while the game is active, it will CTD.

    Do you know what I can do to remedy that?
    1. jensern
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      Are you using VIVE wands? I had that problem with my controllers (VIVE) being offline or going offline while game is running, SteamVR will default to Index controller and SKSE will crash. I did report this to expired.
  2. 0ddly
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    I get a CTD when I start my game. The window opens and then crashes before the Bethesda logo shows up. I disabled all other mods, only having VR Tools installed, but I still get the crash. Any help would be great, thanks!
    1. trittyburd
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      I'm having this issue as well. The weird part is it wasn't happening earlier today. After a ton of reinstalling mods, though, and the game instantly crashes as soon as the window opens.
    2. trittyburd
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      I just figured it out, download and install Papyrus Util VR, that makes the mod work.
  3. TheMasterSwordMaster
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  4. sebzskp
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    I'm confused as to how you use this mod. I'm just stating on MO2 and don't know if I should install this as a standalone mod or if I should add the dll file to the skse folder of another mod that requires it. What about the pex file? Any guidance would be appreciated.
    1. Shizof
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      Check skyrimvr subreddit Guide compendium: Getting Started section on how to install mods with MO2. This is installed like any other mod.
  5. SnowsongWolf
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    Awesome mod, absolutely love what it's enabled. Question, do you know if you can read inputs while in a menu? I'm wondering if there might be a way to use this to enable VR "keybinds" for MCM hotkeys. Right now whenever I try to edit an MCM hotkey I just get stuck on the window telling me to press any key. From what I read from the SkyUI VR github, there are very few controls that can be natively read while in a menu.
  6. jackworm
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    My game crashes 100% of the time whenever I attempt to equip an item (in this case: iron mace of embers).

    After days of troubleshooting, I narrowed it down to this one mod. With it enabled = crash, disabled = no crash.

    I'm relatively new to modding. I've spent the better part of a week getting this all going (about 40 hours by now). I've been able to successfully troubleshoot a lot of problems on my own. When I realized it was this mod that was crashing my game, I looked into the reason I had it in the first place: it's a required file for Simple Archery VR. To my surprise, I noticed that while installing SAVR I had somehow overlooked two required files: JContainers SE and powerofthree's Papyrus Extender for SSE. I thought that maybe this was somehow causing the crash. But after installing them both and checking everything with LOOT, my game still crashes. I'm not sure where to go from here or if this has been an issue with anyone else. I know plenty of people successfully use SAVR so I'm thinking that it's probably conflicting with another mod. It's worth noting that this crash was occurring before installing Mage VR.

    Here is my load order: Everything is up to date.

    0 0 Skyrim.esm
    1 1 Update.esm
    2 2 Dawnguard.esm
    3 3 HearthFires.esm
    4 4 Dragonborn.esm
    5 5 SkyrimVR.esm
    6 6 Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm
    7 7 MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm
    8 8 SMIM-SE-Merged-NoRiftenRopes-NoSolitudeRopes.esp
    9 9 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp
    10 a S3DLandscapes NextGenerationForests.esp
    11 b MajesticMountains_Moss.esp
    12 c SkyUI_SE.esp
    13 d Book Covers Skyrim.esp
    14 e SimplyBiggerTreesSE.esp
    15 f Veydosebrom.esp
    16 10 Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
    17 11 Obsidian Weathers.esp
    18 12 Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp
    19 13 MajesticMountains.esp
    20 14 EmbersHD.esp
    21 15 Mortal Enemies.esp
    22 16 dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
    23 17 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp
    24 18 WICO - Wild Hunt Gears.esp
    25 19 WICO - Immersive Dawnguard.esp
    26 1a WICO - Immersive Character.esp
    254 FE0 SunDaytimeNorth_MM_default.esp
    27 1b WICO - Immersive People.esp
    28 1c SoundsofSkyrimComplete.esp
    254 FE1 SoS_Obsidian_Patch.esp
    29 1d PWwaterfall.esp
    30 1e Point The Way.esp
    31 1f EWS.esp
    32 20 AonghusHouse.esp
    33 21 BlendedRoads.esp
    34 22 DarkerNights.esp
    35 23 Immersive Patrols II.esp
    36 24 InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.esp
    37 25 ElysiumEstate.esp
    38 26 FasterHorses.esp
    39 27 ForgivingFriends.esp
    254 FE2 HD Lods SSE.esp
    40 28 IHSS.esp
    41 29 IcePenguinWorldMap.esp
    42 2a Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim.esp
    43 2b NPCmagefix.esp
    44 2c NoBSAIProjectileDodge.esp
    45 2d NoMoreBloom_HDR.esp
    46 2e Purewaters.esp
    47 2f Saturation Increase by Simtar123 - SSE.esp
    48 30 Simply Stronger Dragons.esp
    49 31 Spellsiphon.esp
    50 32 dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
    51 33 dD-No Spinning Death Animation Merged.esp
    52 34 StormLightning.esp
    53 35 Carry Weight x10.esp
    54 36 vrik.esp
    55 37 NoStagger.esp
    56 38 MageVR.esp
    57 39 Simple Realistic Archery VR.esp
    58 3a Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
    254 FE3 SoS_ImmersiveCitizens_Patch.esp
    59 3b ELFXEnhancer.esp
    254 FE4 SoS_ELFX+Enhancer_Patch.esp
    60 3c Immersive Citizens - ELFXEnhancer patch.esp
    1. Shizof
      • premium
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      This is a required file and not the cause of your crash. Check other mods that require this. Try disabling/enabling them to find the one that cause it.
    2. jackworm
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      • 6 posts
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      Thanks for your response. I prematurely determined this to be the cause of the crash but after looking at other mods that require this it appears that the Locational Damage mod was the culprit.
    3. Shizof
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      • 1,835 posts
      • 239 kudos
      Yeah locational damage is recently updated to fix the bug. Try version 0.4.1.
  7. Vonklinkenhoffn
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    Anything about the load order would be much appreciated.
    1. Shizof
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      • 1,835 posts
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      This is an skse plugin, load order doesn't matter.
  8. Dathide
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    This sounds great, thanks for your work! I can't wait until some talented modders start using this. Question: Can this be used to enable individual finger control that can be read with the new Valve Index Controllers?
    1. Z4K97B
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      finger based spell casting :O
  9. argosGG
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    So this should be used in lieu of correct?