Skyrim Special Edition
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Atronachs emit light. Different colors according to elemental type. ESPLite version also available.

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Why have to equip a torch/lantern/spell in a dark dungeon when you literally have magical entities comprised of swirling flames or arcs of lightning right next to you? Ever wondered why these things didn't even emit light in the first place? So now, atronachs actually emit light and illuminate the surrounding environment! This applies to all three vanilla - flame, ice, storm - elemental types of atronachs. Each atronach type emits a slightly different colored light according to its elemental constitution with a radius of 450 and intensity of 2.00. (Similar properties to tier 2 travel lanterns or the Candlelight spell). Overall, just adds to the practicality and immersion in regards to the atronachs.

Yes! Decided to add light emission to these bad boys solely for consistency and after all, they are made up of ice infused with magicka - right? Right?!

You DO NOT need to download this file if you already have ‘Enhanced Atronachs - With Levelling and Luminosity’ installed. That file already has atronach luminosity built in. This is a separate, STANDALONE file version - Luminous Atronachs - for those of you who wish to have glowing atronachs without wanting enhancements to their stats/abilities.

Completely compatible with almost any mod out there. This ESP overrides just three existing records (AbFXelementalAtronach). Compatible with mods which just replace the meshes or textures of the atronachs such as 'Transparent and Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach' or 'Rustic Atronachs' etc. Should also mention that this mod is fully compliant with USSEP (Carries over changes made by Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch).

Optional ESPLite/PseudoESP/ESPFE/ESLFlaggedESP (or whatever it's known as) version available to download - for those vigilant of their plugin limit. (Won't count towards the 255 regular ESP plugin limit).

ATTENTION! - Regarding ESPLite Versions - Never update regular ESP versions of Luminous Atronachs with an ESPLite version during mid-save. If that is the case (ESP updated to ESPLite) then start a new game. If it is your first time installing Luminous Atronachs, then it is absolutely fine to install ESPLite versions on an existing save. Vice Versa.

1) Separate ENB Light version patch. 
2) Patches to cover lighting for additional elemental types of atronachs that are implemented by other notable mods.
3) Alternate file (Luminous Summons) - Additional lighting for other non-atronach summons/entities such as flaming familiars, spriggans, wisps etc.

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