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A variety of model replacers for the Dragonbone Warhammer.

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Many thanks to these wonderful people: 

ph4z for the gorgeous screenshots, managing and porting this mod to SSE!

Baer2x4 for ideas implemented in the v1.1 model

Caenraes for providing a standalone plug-in.

DigitalCabbage for porting and managing my other mods to SSE.


This is an attempt to replace the Dragonbone Warhammer model using the Stormcaller's Hammer part and the vanilla Dragonbone Warhammer's parts. 

All models use the vanilla Dragonbone Warhammer Texture. 4 variations are included which are based on the new 1.1 version.

A fixed version of the original model (1.0) is available at the Optional download section.

In-game screenshots and weapon preview lineup uses Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale - Armor and Weapons Textures.

There are no plans for a standalone, but feel free to use this on your own mod however you wish, though be careful on retexturing this as the UV map is all over the place for the Stormcaller parts (Hammer head).

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