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  1. ArngrimEinherjar
    • member
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    Doesn't seem to work correctly for me. Stolen items (under the threshold cost) still get the stolen tag, but it gos away if I drop and pick them.
    1. Sintaxik
      • supporter
      • 8 posts
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      Dont work for me too :(
      Still get the stolen tag and sadly dont goes away if i drop/pick up :(
      Changed the costThreshold to whatever dont work
      Mod is higest in load order and on new save and still not work .
    2. feriwan
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      Not sure, but maybe it needs JContainers SE ( I was building up my mod order, and it didn't work. After adding this (and 2 other papyrus script extender mods), it did work.
    3. MXJunky91
      • member
      • 153 posts
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      So some required mods are missing from the mod's page?
      • premium
      • 372 posts
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      Try putting mod at the bottom of the order. If two mods change the same thing, the lower one is what the game will go with.
    5. jltoga
      • supporter
      • 133 posts
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      This is a dll plugin, load order won't matter.
    6. xMD11x
      • premium
      • 90 posts
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      I think you might need the Address Library for SKSE Plugins.
  2. inuk1222
    • supporter
    • 34 posts
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    Can I use this in vr?
    Thank you
    1. Kindt
      • member
      • 290 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Doesn't seem to work with VR
  3. GSA2011
    • premium
    • 818 posts
    • 43 kudos
    Would you be able to implement this into your mod. It would help you from having to update it every time a new version of SSE comes out.
    Address Library for SKSE Plugins []
    • supporter
    • 533 posts
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    If you steal an item in view of an animal you do not get a bounty but you do get the stolen tag applied to the item even with mods to stop animals from reporting crimes. This mod does work. Be sure to test without being in view of animals. I went to Riverwood, used command "killall" and the mod tested well.
  5. DLMyst
    • supporter
    • 176 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Does this mode specifically exclude Thieves Guild quests related items, the jeweled ones? Since it can break Thieves Guild radiant quests, since they're not considered stolen anymore.

    Main Thieves guild quests:
    Golden Urn, 00044E63
    Jeweled Candlestick, 00044E6A
    Jeweled Flagon, 00044E67
    Jeweled Goblet, 00044E6C
    Jeweled Pitcher, 00044E6E
    Ornate Drinking Horn, 00044E65

    Optional quests from them:
    Queen Bee Statue, 00019958
    Honningbrew Decanter, 00019952
    East Empire Shipping Map, 00060CC2
    Model Ship, 0006F266
    Dwemer Puzzle Cube, 0005598C
    Bust of the Gray Fox, 00019954
    Left Eye of the Falmer, 0001994F
    1. NewRaven
      • supporter
      • 440 posts
      • 24 kudos
      In my opinion, it should exclude Questitem-flagged items in general, however, for now, it doesn't seem to do so. I'm fairly sure Fudgyduff will patch this at some point. It was probably an oversight... :)
  6. initial427
    • premium
    • 274 posts
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    Thanks very much for all of your brilliant mods!
  7. Shardoom
    • supporter
    • 1,431 posts
    • 18 kudos
    Used to always have Meh's version in LE.
    Any chance this can be updated to work with the newest skse/skyrim version?
    1. Kriiks
      • premium
      • 686 posts
      • 11 kudos
      Yep, hoping to see updated version too. It's been in my core mods list since LE and was really happy to see SE version finally. Shame if it just has one SE version lifetime.
    2. Shardoom
      • supporter
      • 1,431 posts
      • 18 kudos
      I guess an update isn't going to happen.
      I politely asked him via a PM message, but, instead of responding he just ignored me and 'left the conversation'.

      Some people can be so rude. A simple yes or no would've taken just a few more seconds.
    3. steve25469
      • premium
      • 252 posts
      • 11 kudos
      It's very likely that he's getting tons of messages like that from people. Hopefully he will take the time to patch his recent mods still :( Has anyone tested this to actually see if it's broken?
    4. Kriiks
      • premium
      • 686 posts
      • 11 kudos
      Yes, I tested before commenting :) Even grabbing few apples marks them stolen now Wasn't like that before last Skyrim update.
    5. Maxyoo28
      • supporter
      • 68 posts
      • 4 kudos
      Updated now :)
    6. Materioscura
      • member
      • 97 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Finally meh's version has reborn: "Better Stealing" Take it at --->
    • supporter
    • 533 posts
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  9. Fermuto
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    For anyone wondering, the cap seems to be at 500 gold.

    Edit: Ok, for some reason it doesn't work now and leather strips worth 3 gold are still marked as stolen. Also, any gold I steal is marked as stolen. wtf?
    1. WinsomeMinotaur
      • supporter
      • 305 posts
      • 7 kudos
      Regarding the cap, you can change it:
      - After you install, go to ...\Data\SKSE\Plugins\MumsTheWord.json
      - open the JSON file in notepad, where you should see something like this
      "useThreshold": true,
      "costThreshold": 500
      - change the costThreshold to whatever you want and save the file
  10. Aurelioknight
    • premium
    • 211 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Fudgyduff is the man.