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Generated fake lighting in DynDOLOD only to not quite get the results you wanted? Can't be arsed to regenerate the LOD? Same here. This mod is for you!

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Oh look! It's another mod with text and a blank background for it's main image. :P

DynDOLOD's 'FXGlow' for distant object light sources is a great way to enhance Skyrim's distant landscape (especially at night). However it is not to everyone's taste. It sounds great on paper, but it can look a little too bright and doesn't always turn out right (Hey! That rhymes). Sometimes you end up with the "floating ball of light" bug (commonly seen facing outward from the main gate outside Whiterun). It depends on you and what mods you're using that affect light sources.

If you choose the FXGlow option and end up regretting it, you'll have to delete your newly-generated LOD and start over. Or... you could just use the empty mesh replacements for the FXGlow meshes and it'll be like they were never there in the first place.

Should theoretically work for LE, but I can't test it as I haven't installed it in ages. Reverting the format through NIF Optimiser should fix any issues.

Just install the mod (manually or with your mod manager) and replace the meshes. Problem solved! :)

Also recommend Reduced Glow FX SE by SkyrimFantom. This affects the glow around objects nearer to you.

Give your thanks to Sheson for DynDOLOD and don't forget to give your firstborn.