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Tired of mead and wine? Stand fast for a fix suitable to your needs or take advantage of the situation and become the richest dragonborn kingpin in all of skyrim. The choice is yours. This mod/modpack adds many drugs and booze to craft at cookpot/custom crafting stations and sell through dialogue. In the modpack there are more mods to help do that.

Permissions and credits
Warning! Fentanyl will turn you into a skeever and can't be reversed. I recommend you save before attempting recreational use.


Skyplug - Trapping in Skyrim: This pack consists of 9 different mods and it includes Skyplug - StandAlone inside it. 
Skyplug - StandAlone
:  Drugs and booze mod with custom meshes/overhaul, crafting recipes and the ability to sell booze, drugs, and skooma to npcs in dialogue.
Assault Rifles:
Moderrn assualt rifles that are craftable and temper-able. Includes custom ammo and support for native crossbow ammo.
Guards with Assault Rifles: Assualt rifles mod except guards and some other npcs will have guns and ammo as well. This renders skyrim a shooter game in some altercations.

Skyplug.esp is a merge of skyhighrim.esp, brewmaster.esp, and my personal addon skyhighrim extended.esp. Combined this mod features: China White, Bath Salts, Black Tar Heroin, Ecstacy, Codeine, Oxycodone, Ketamine, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, Morphine, Methadone, Steroids, and Heisenberg Blue Meth, most if not all the types of Skooma, Stros M'kai Rum, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Corona Beer, Heineken beer, Stella Artois beer, Acid, Amphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, Psilocybin, various prepared mountain flowers and mushrooms to craft and use wisely at your discretion. All prices of items considered drugs have been jacked up in price to so you can squeeze every last septim out of skyrim. If you really want to hustle npcs for their gold then you can always use the market stall and make any interested npcs pay top dollar.
This esp also includes:
- HammerfellCocaine. Find out more here:
- Mesh overhaul for most beverages including empty wine bottles
- Changed "your follower leaves your service" message to "your follower has F*ck'd Off"
- Added new Crafting Station: Grinding Station; Craft at any forge using 2 corundum to grind your drug bricks into 10 powdered versions to double the value. The station works the same as brewmaster so you can sneak to pick it up or move it to your desire.
-Added powdered versions of drug bricks
-Added Water Dispenser; Craft at any forge
-Added water bottles and empty version for crafting crack (empty bottles craftable at forge)
-Added Crack, Baking Soda, and cut Cocaine recipes
-Added sell dialogue for drugs, booze, and skooma! Simply walk up to any npc and talk about the finest merchandise in the realm.
-Added laced heroin and craftable syringe projectiles that will overdose any npc.

Cannabis in Skyrim offers a variety of different marijuana strands to grow, harvest and create blunts/joints as well as hash and hashish. Just beautiful plants, sometimes i prefer to look at them rather than harvest them. Now Features Pound of Kush -Only in the modpack. Find out more here:

Now because ALL these new drugs have crafting recipes, you're going to find yourself hurting for ingredients more often than not. But wait i lied because MoreGrowable Plants lets you grow a wider range of useful ingredients that you couldn't before. Why beat up khajits for moonsugar when you can just grow it

Of course you're going to be hurting for planter space too i take it so why don't you take this SSE converted Craftable Planters( along with you since it's already in there. Of course it does say that Campire-Complete Camping System ( ) is required which will help you craft your drugs wherever you please. God knows you're going to plant ingredients where you please with craftable planters.

If harvesting crops becomes to much of a chore than you're in luck, EK_UnusualApplicationsoffers 3 spells one of which auto harvests vanilla flora surrounding the player. The modded flora won't autoharvest unfortunately i.e. moonsugar, frost mirriam. Find out more here:

Better Harvesting allows for the player to collect a more realistic quantity of ingredients whenever harvesting your crops. Find out more here:

Your Market Stall is the golden goose to the operation but it can also be your bottleneck if you don't treat customers right. This mod allows you to craft as many market stalls as you want and plop them down, load em with loot and start pillaging the savings of your fellow nords like a civilized dragonborn kingpin. Find out more here:

Vendor Stock Mods gives your local merchants a respectable supply of their wares to meet your demands. Find out more here:

Last but certainly not least i have ported the legendary Modern firearms mod that i found here: . Thank you to whoever created it and those that kept it in circulation, you have my gratitude. Who needs friends when you got lead am i right. I've also added meshes and textures from another rare gun mod to use the mechanics of this mod.

P.S. Updates paused due to current focus on an entirely different mod project for this game.
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