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In Vivid Landscapes - All in One - Special Edition, only the imperial fort exteriors are retextured. This mod moves some textures around to make the interiors match the exteriors.

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I actually no longer use this mod personally. Skyland - Imperial Forts interiors are pretty good and I've posted my new setup here.

In my opinion the current defacto mod for the Imperial Fort textures is Imperial Forts HD by luxor. Luxor does some incredible work and provides the full package. Personally though, I prefer the textures from Vivid Landscapes - All in One. They aren't the highest resolution but Hein84 is incredibly talented at creating these convincingly gritty, rustic textures. There's one major caveat though. He only did the exterior of the forts.

Thus this mod was born after being continually unsatisfied with the textures in the Abandoned Prison where let's face it, the majority of us spend most of our game time. So this is my offering to my Nexus brothers and sisters to make the interiors match the exteriors.

All the textures here are from Vivid Landscapes. I just moved them around and tweaked them.


Vivid Landscapes - All in One (well this isn't necessarily required but there may be inconsistencies)

Below are some comparisons. Comes down to preference really.
With Imperial Forts HD gone, this is a bit of a moot point lol.