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Respawn - Death Overhaul aims to get rid of the quicksave cheese that most Skyrim players have gotten accustomed to. Being defeated in combat should have consequences! This mod aims to provide a new respawn mechanic that makes the player feel the pain of defeat, while making surviving the threats of Skyrim feel more rewarding.

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Mod Description
Respawn - Death Overhaul aims to get rid of the quicksave cheese that most Skyrim players have gotten accustomed to. The goal is to bring a sense of urgency and danger to Skyrim. Being defeated in combat should have consequences! This mod aims to provide a new respawn mechanic that makes the player feel the pain of defeat, while making surviving the threats of Skyrim feel more rewarding. After all, what's the point of difficulty mods if you're essentially in god mode via the F5 button? 

How is this different from other death alternative mods?
The main difference between Respawn and other death alternative mods is that Respawn aims primarily to make the game more challenging, rather than just different. In this way, Respawn is able to keep its features objective and straightforward. 

Respawn tries to adhere to what a vanilla Skyrim might give you as much as possible without having to go through extra menus or dialogues. I personally found the menus and dialogues of other mods obtrusive/tedious, because when I'm defeated I'd be in a pretty fiery mood and don't want to deal with extra nonsense. Respawn lets you jump right back into the game after a death without waiting through dialogue, menus, etc, while still providing a unique death experience that makes the game more challenging and rewarding. 

Respawn is also extremely modular. If you are hardcore like me and want to lose your entire inventory and all your dragon souls on death you can go straight at it. Or if you'd prefer a more tailored experience to your needs, you have all the options you want.

Mod Features
This mod is still undergoing heavy playtesting, but most features have been tested pretty well at this point and it's down to fine-tuning before moving on to bigger features. 
  • Set player to be essential
  • Option to disable quick-saving. No more F5 mashing!
  • When player's health reaches zero, player enters bleedout and loses gold and items to the attacker.
  • When player's health reaches zero, player loses level exp, skill exp, and dragon souls.
  • When player's health reaches zero, player respawns at a safe location.
  • Items lost by the player will still be on the attacker. Feel free to seek revenge!
  • Customizable MCM. Set where to respawn, gold penalty amount, which items to lose, and exp penalty amounts.
  • Player may choose to respawn at the Temple of Kynareth, or at the closest Halls of the Dead, or player homes. The cities that have halls of the dead are Whiterun, Solitude, Falkreath, Markarth, Riften, and Windhelm. If defeated in Solsteim, the player will return to the inn at Raven Rock, and if defeated in Sovangarde, back to the Hall of Valor.
  • Exclude creatures from penalties, if you think it doesn't make sense for cave bears to steal gear.
  • Automatically disabled when player is defeated in areas that would otherwise become inaccessible after a respawn. In these areas, player will die like in Vanilla and reload the last previous save. See the FAQ for full list of locations.
  • Special Diablo Mode: Emulates Diablo 2's death system: An ashpile will be left at the player's location when defeated and all equipped items and gold will be transferred into the ashpile. This may be a safer option if you're worried about your killers running off with your items. 

For a truly hardcore experience, you should set MCM to lose 100% of gold and your entire inventory (quest items won't be removed). These settings aren't enabled by default so as not to surprise anybody when they lose all their gear, but it is the optimal way to use this mod! Combine this with overhauls like Requiem or Morrowloot Ultimate for a truly challenging, but immersive, experience. See the attached images for the recommended settings. Of course, you are free to configure to your own playstyle! Also disable or limit fast travel to really feel the pain of having to get back to your last death location!
Recommended mods:
1. Morrowloot Ultimate -
2. Fast travel by horse SE -

Uninstalling and Updating
When uninstalling, remember to use the MCM or your player may not return to being non-essential. When updating, open console in-game and enter the following commands "StopQuest _RespawnQuest" and "StartQuest _RespawnQuest". If you are missing MCM options, enter the following commands: "StopQuest _RespawnOverhaulMCM" and "StartQuest _RespawnOverhaulMCM". There should be 6 pages: Respawn Locations, Inventory Penalties, EXP penalties, Modes, Save Settings, and Uninstall.

MFG Fix : - Fixes eyes being stuck closed after respawn.

This mod shouldn't conflict with any other mods. However, it will not work with new locations, including player homes added by other mods. If the player dies in a new land, the player will respawn at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.

Issue Tracker
-Occasionally, the low-health fx still plays after respawning. Saving and reloading will fix it.
-Player-enchanted items may lose their enchantments. Already-enchanted items should be OK. This is a vanilla Skyrim bug having to do with the AddItem function for actors. I have theories on how to get around it, but don't have time to code it. If anyone would like to take the time to do so, please pm me. 
-Please keep a look out for special locations that may break quests if the character is respawned so that I can make exceptions for these cells. Report these in the comments or as a bug. You can usually temporarily get around it by using the console command tcl when you revisit the location.

Q: Will this break my quests?
A: Probably not, unless you die in an area that becomes no longer accessible after respawning. Please report these areas in the bugs section! They will be fixed asap.

Q: How will bossfights work?
A: Unless the area of the boss fight becomes restricted after respawning, boss fights are treated no differently. If you die to a boss, you'll just need to train harder, gear up, and go back.

Q: Which areas will be excluded from the mod?
A: WIP. So far: Halldir's Cairn, Dimhallow Cavern, Shroudhearth Barrow, Serpents Bluff, Thalmor Embassy, Kolbjorn, Gyldenhul Barrow, Ancestor Glave, Skuldafn, Volskygge, Folgunthr, Abandoned House, Azura's Star Interior, Kilkreath

Q: Why did my character just die and load a save?
A: If you're in a location where a quest might break, the mod will not respawn you. Check the list of excluded locations in the above question.

Q: Can I install this mid-playthrough?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I uninstall this mid-playthrough?
A: Yes. Make sure to tick the Uninstall option in the MCM first. Then save the game and remove the mod. If you are still bleeding out and not dying after uninstalling, try the console command: setessential 00000007 0

Q: Help, my character is stuck after respawning and can't move!
A: Open the console and enter "PushActorAway player 10"

Q: Help, my character's eyes are stuck closed after respawning!
A: Just a temporary thing that happens occasionally. Looking for a fix. Reloading your save or opening up racemenu will fix it.

Q: MCM is behaving weird after updating.
A: Open your console and enter the following commands: "StopQuest _RespawnOverhaulMCM", "StartQuest _RespawnOverhaulMCM", "setstage SKI_configmanagerinstance 1"

Q: My character is respawning in odd locations.
A: Check if you have the latest version. Remember when updating to enter the following console commands: "StopQuest _RespawnQuest" "StartQuest _RespawnQuest". If this still doesn't fix it, make a bug report.

Q: Why do I keep respawning in Whiterun?
A: Skyrim was coded so that most exterior cells belong to Whiterun for whatever reason. Dying outdoors will usually respawn you in Whiterun.

Planned features (in order of priority)
-Add exceptions for areas that won't let you back in after respawning (good example is Sovangarde, which is already accounted for.)
-Super hardcore mode: Reset player level, skills, perks to 1 on death.
-Debuffs on respawns (max health, max magika, max stamina, skill levels, movement speed)
-Hearthfire homes support (may move higher in priority if people request it)
-Respawn points at shrines/standing stones

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