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Install mods, play, get bored or discover incompatibilities and want to optimize your mods list but you have to start the game again. If you find yourself in this situation, this is a save game that helps you get over the boring initial quests

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Just a clean save file after i just did the boring intro quests.
I usualy used this save (stormcloak side = escape with Ralof ) to start my game for installing new mods but it wasn't enough progress and I was bored to do the same quests again and again.

So what i did in this save:
  • Cleard the bandits camp near Helgen (see images)
  • Killed the mage guy (see images)
  • Looted all bodies from Shrine of Tolos (see images)
  • Activated the warrior stone
  • Got to Riverwood
  • Took the key to the house from Gerdur
  • Get the treasure from the treasure map got from bandits camp.
  • Took the quest (The golden claw) from Lucan and got the claw back from Bleak Falls Barrow. [ Dragonstone for Farengar (the mage guy of Whiterun) too ]
  • Got to Whiterun and finished the quests Bleak Falls Barrow (the Dragonstone for the mage guy)
  • Killed the dragon from watch tower (Dragon rising quest)
  • Got to Greybeards and learned Unrelenting force shout and Whirlwind Sprint shout (finished the Way of voice quest)
  • Got back to Riverwood and killed the two Cultists (I read the cultists oreders)
  • Slept and woke up ready to install mods

I've got all items i've found during this progress using god mode.
My inventory has 1401/300 weight and 1351 gold.
No stolen goods.
I didn't lvl up or assign perks.
File was created in Skyrim SE 1.5.80