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Ever wished you had a Dark Brotherhood armor that didn't look like a swimsuit? Here's one, and it has the same stats and colors as the standard Shrouded Armor, so you won't be ashamed of using mods.

Permissions and credits
I made this purely out of overly-obsessive hatred of the standard Dark Brotherhood armor, so now it looks like the brotherhood is actually protected than wearing a swimsuit.
This is a standalone version of the ebony mail, only with the EXACT same stats as vanilla Dark Brotherhood armor, meaning it has the same enchantments, the same price, and the same armor rating, and can be improved with the same materials and perks. The colors are also the same scheme thanks to photoshop's ability to match colors from the mask - so it won't clash with the other pieces of armor.
One is found on the barrel next to the wardrobe with the Shrouded Robes in the Falkreath Sanctuary, while another is found on a shelf near Babette in the Dawnstar Sanctuary.
Both male and female support, non-replacer.
I also added it to Veezara's outfit set, but, like I said, the original armor is still there if that's what you prefer for NPCs/Followers.

-Added Black Hand symbols
-Now craftable;
1 Filled Black Soul Gem (unenchanted doesn't need this)
1 Steel Ingot
2 Leather
2 Leather Strips
Complete ''Sanctuary''
Have perk ''Arcane Blacksmith''

-- Vortex/Nexus Mod Manager --
1. Click "Download with NMM"
2. Open Vortex/NMM
3. Install and Enable "Dark Brotherhood Mail - Standalone"
-- Manual Install --
1. Click Manual Download
2. Open file with WinRAR or 7zip
3. drag contents into your "...Skyrim Special Edition/Data" folder
4. Check box next to "DBArmorMail.esp"

Q: Are you going to make a new/full set?
A: Probably not. If so, expect it to be in a different file, which I'd probably link to from this page. If you're worried about the custom fit perk, don't; it's set to register as Dark Brotherhood armor, so wearing it with the rest of the Shrouded armor set will count for the perk.

Q: Are you going to credit the original creator?
A: I am the original creator. Made it from the Bethesda files, not from anyone else. Other people have had this idea, and others still will. This is not those mods. If you don't like it, don't download it and don't waste both of our time.

Q: Can you change [random attribute] ?
A: No. This armor is meant to just be a better looking Shrouded Armor. So it has the same stats, enchantments, tempering materials, and perks. You can make can make an unenchanted version after joining the Dark Brotherhood and unlocking the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Q: Where is it?/Can't find it.
A: Pictures are in the slide show on this page. It's also craftable in case something happened to it. If it isn't in the crafting menu (under Misc), check to make sure you have the .esp turned on in the data files options and that you have the .bsa in you Skyrim Data folder. If you need help with the latter, just delete the mod's files in your Data folder and reinstall.

Q: Who wears the armor?
A: Only Veezara has it equipped by default because he and Astrid are the only ones with the default shrouded armor, and Astrid has a cinematic introduction. You can change this quickly just by using the equipitem console command after clicking on the desired NPC in the console. To find the correct item ID, you can search in the console with the help "brotherhood mail" command.